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Your All Time Favorite Rap Lines


4:55 pm
November 13, 2011


Seasoned Veteran

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Washington State!


tristan said:

“Came out the water like a pretty ass dolphin”

-Soulja Boy


5:51 pm
November 13, 2011



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The metal inside the barrel passes/

Through the frames in ya glasses/

Quick passage, Leave your dome piece backless/

Envision blackness, Leave you hatless, Fucking capless/

Watchin Niggas dig the spot where the Earth's crack is/

Hard to graph like science and math is/

The cavemen who dont practice and live backwards/

Even your girl can catch the capsule/

I love pussy, But never the b*tch that its attached to/   (jus allah) retaliation!!

death is certain life is not

12:38 am
November 14, 2011

tyler leach


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''One half of me is chill, the other half is strictly business.''

- Slick Chops (From his Make A Hit entry.)

2:26 pm
November 15, 2011


Master Shadowvillian

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“in a multiverse, of paradox existence/
axiomatic, to the conscious awareness../

delusion of the mind, illussion of the senses/
to neutralize the impulses, broke the subconscious../

the connotation of words implies a hidden meaning/
not apparent to everyone, esoterically speaking../

only those enlightened seekin the inner-mean/
shall expand to overstand that which is ever deepening../

- atma (red alert on planet earth)

3:45 pm
November 15, 2011

tyler leach


Posts: 182


''These ideas are, nightmares to white parents whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair, and who likes earrings.
Like whatever they say has no bearing, it's so scary, in a house that allows, no swearing,
to see him walkin' around with his, headphones blaring.
Alone in his own zone, cold, and he don't care,
he's a problem child…'' 

- Eminem

5:15 pm
November 15, 2011



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“No offense to Nas but this whole f**king world is mine.” 2pac.

and “I ain't a killah but don't push me, revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy.”

8:49 pm
May 11, 2012


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a hundred grand on ma wrist ya life sucks

f**k the club man i rather count a million bucks ;] 

2:35 am
May 12, 2012


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“I see why they call this BS a relationship - Cuz ships sink” 
- Eminem 


8:04 am
May 14, 2012


Master Shadowvillian

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Digital Velocity


You give me your number, I call you up. You act like your pussy don't interrupt. I don't have no trouble with you f**king meBut I have a little problem wit you not f**king me. - ODB

9:00 am
May 14, 2012



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Ringgold, GA


I may seem a little self centered, arrogant with us
Cause apparently my love isn't apparent enough
Since we're young it must just be some transparent lust
That I'm only with you cause you actually gave a f**k -Me (I had to lol)

You ain't safe in yo mama's house/
I'll take this llama and turn your mamas to a haunted house/ -Hiro Doom

Split ya wig back like an old mans toupe/

It's a fiasco, ha like lupe/ -SkulliTune

You get your ass kissed by your YouTube fans, take that s**t back into doo-doo land

Thinking you stand a chance in a battle with a real rhymer, you could be the chief of the koo-koo clan

-The Jokerr

You were like 12 I was 8 years older

Already rippin motherf**kers apart, already kicking 100 bars

Already runnin the studio and getting paid

When my nigga Pennywise was movin them keys you was out front slangin that lemonade

-The Jokerr

They told me “make a classic” So I laced the track with acid/

I break the beat like glasses I shoot it you just pass it/ -Neeko

You out of this world on venus now come here jump on my (huh yea)/

She ask me if i would be cool if she called up her friend and i was like (huh yea)/ -SkulliTune

“Lyricism is an art. Not just a bunch of words that rhyme.” Trip 6