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Your All Time Favorite Rap Lines


8:02 pm
October 31, 2011



Posts: 238

denver colorado


devil on my shoulder, god is my witness,
so on my libra scale im wieghin sins and forgiveness

-lil wayne

i’m the reason that ya krew keeps bringin bad news, bananna clip in ready to feed all you baboons

10:10 pm
October 31, 2011

Ros-Z NkA JTR of Refs


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Shalimar Fl


“if it dont make dollars than it don't make since (cents)” Master P - Imma Hoe ft Ice Cube

“wanna tongue kiss b*tch? it fiqures

i'll introduce you to my home boy richard

also known by his nick name d**k

now lets tongue kiss b*tch” Too Short - Take my b*tch ft Ice Cube

“Bitch it’s my fuckin opinion, so the fuck u cryin like its an onion?”- Justice Simmons Text 5-0-0 Landslidin these niggas; Audio 0-0-2

10:55 am
November 1, 2011



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I try so hard can't seem to get away from misery
man I try so hard
will always be a victim of these streets
it ain't my fault cause I…
tried to get away but trouble follows me
and still I try so hard
hoping one day you'll come and rescue me
but until then, I'll be posted up right here rain sleet hail snow
but until then…
I'll be posted up right here with my heat getting dough

11:38 am
November 1, 2011

Trip 6

Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 768

Paterson, NJ


“Mush you, I wish you would give me a reason to bruise your facial tissue over a racial issue

Dish you out the most brutal physical beating for being stereotypical, now you're internally bleeding”

Necro - Set It

Don’t come close..I got issues..Kid, I put it down like a rabid pitbull. Kinda like Stevie Wonder gettin’ dressed - you don’t have an idea what you’re gettin’ into

3:28 pm
November 1, 2011

tyler leach


Posts: 182


''Don't take it personal, when I treat you worse than all,
the dirt in the world, just know you under my feet.
And don't take it personal, I just love hurtin' your,
feelings, they're virtually nothin' to me.''

- Lil $am

3:46 pm
November 1, 2011


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4921


“kill your best friend when he's hangin at yah' house, kill em/
“nah man, that's my HOMIE..”/
man FUCK it, just kill em../
take a cinderblock and smash it over his head/
and beat his bloody open skull till you know he's f**kin dead../”

- q-strange (kill somebody)

4:54 pm
November 1, 2011

Chris Lee


Posts: 1979


“Gave that b*tch a reptar/ b*tches love reptar”

-P!!kk's pic

This isn’t underground. No, this is deeper then that. This is below the underground. This is music from hell.

10:23 am
November 2, 2011


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4921


“like fire in the sky, or red tide on the water/
for those that breathe n still seen it, can't rise from the slaughter../
but, talkin' order out of chaos got us buyin' disorder/
and brought us brother versus father, got us mother versus daughter../

- qwel (har megiddo)

11:05 am
November 2, 2011


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4044

Digital Velocity


Think I give a f**k what a herb say?

when I got the nigga that you tryna be watching my word play.


1:29 pm
November 3, 2011


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4921


“believe none of what i hear, only half of what i see/
and i don't trust no mothaf**kin' body, but MEEEEE…”

-matlock (dont sleep)