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a beat i made a long time ago. *FEEDBACK WANTED*


5:20 pm
January 3, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 3105

Zanesville, OH

1 this is a beat i made about 1-2 years ago. I'm looking for feedback on it. and btw check out my other beats and stuff on jamglue. these beats are free if they are on my jamglue so, use to your liking just you know don't claim as your own.


6:17 pm
January 3, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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Digital Velocity


i think its pretty dope

9:28 pm
January 3, 2009

Josh Lynn of Storm Squad

Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 578

Cape Girardeau, MO


not too bad at all. I could spit over that.