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ATTENTION: Does ANYONE make beats/instrumentals?


5:24 pm
January 26, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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I'm Pikk from Its ALIVE! Productions. We're are an underground instrumental company who offers high quality, original instrumentals.

To check us out, click here:…..roductions

I have been looking to fill up my roster for some time now, havent found the right people to do so. On a note, I am looking more for underground sample producers, who make DARK beats. But, I will accept an original producers who make Dark beats on the side, yet still ventures into other genres.

If you think you have skills in instrumental creation, yet the promotion is not there, I will help. What you cannot do, I can. Dont let the page fool you. I am always present on the #100 charts and we have over 27,000 page views, 100,000 listens, and 7,000 downloads just from the Companies creation in September of 08'. I am connected with alot of underground artists and producers, so if you want promotion, I CAN help you out. I WILL put you in a position to sell your beats. If you have a bank account established, you can set up a paypal, and I will allow leasing links to the companies established price for leasing: “$29.99″. You will not be charged per sell, I am a Producer, JUST like you. I understand a recession and money is hard to come by, so I will not charge you a rate if you sell a beat. I am just looking for more promotion for me, and to help out struggling instrumental producers who deserve to be promoted.

So please, if you think you have what I'm looking for, email me SNIPPETS (usually 1:57) of your beats here:

I will judge them 1 by 1, determining these qualities:

1. Structure

2. Creativity

3. Originality

4. Mixing

5. Mood


6. Your ability to be consistant.

Yes, just because I pick you, doesn't mean your out of the clear. A Mandatory limit of 2 beats must be dropped every month. And they must stay consistant with the quality.

Well, with that said, I'll stop my a**hole tyrade, and let yall get back to life. But again, the email is:

Thanks in advance,

1, Pikk.


6:49 pm
January 26, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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Zanesville, OH


i will hone my skills into beat-making until i get my mic and then go back to killing the beats i and many other producers make.

9:12 pm
January 26, 2009



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Ayo Check me out….

havent added beats in a while tho