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Golden Goose Shoes routine


2:59 am
December 21, 2020



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Before the pandemic began, I took serious pleasure in buying coffee and drinking it on the way to work. But now that drinking coffee while walking is inadvisable, I’ve finally figured out an at-home Golden Goose Shoes routine-a relief for my wallet and a win for being less wasteful.

Prior to Crocs, McLaughlin had never officially produced pieces but rather had made one-off items. The collaboration with Crocs came at the perfect time. “I think it’s forced designers, and people in general, to be more resourceful. I loved their jewelry, because, of course, they’re always wearing it, and I really loved what they were building,” Washington tells BAZAAR.

So we’re revisiting some of our favorite London Fashion Week looks over the years, all the way back to 2013, for a dose of nostalgia and inspiration. I love the fit of these vintage jeans, which flare slightly around the knee. Then the pandemic hit a month later, and I was forced into minimalist submission. I left NYC for the midwest with an overnight bag, thinking the pandemic would be over in approximately five days and I could return to the 7 frozen burritos in my freezer that I had purchased “in preparation”.

Instead it’s 2020. Everything’s outdoors, closed by 11, and spaced out on the sidewalk. Parker, who came to New York as a child, was instantly inspired by its “chaotic” energy, as she describes it. It was perfect for drinks, dinner, then a comedy show, which, honestly, was 90 percent of the dates I went on in 2019.

But now that I am settled back Golden Goose in New York, I’m ready and willing to get dressed to the fullest. Making inconspicuous outfits feel special is a talent Moss shares with her mother, but lately, she’s begun to branch out into extroverted fare. Before the pandemic hit, I was in the midst of a metamorphosis with my wardrobe. Timeless minimalism was calling, but I was still clutching to my uniform of clothes that were obscure, well-researched, and hard to procure that I had worn throughout my early twenties.

Creativity is also key in this challenging time, whether that means reviving Golden Goose Sneakers a dying craft in Nigeria (Kenneth Ize) or creating #WFH clothes with verve and spirit (Christopher John Rogers). We all cheered Donatella Versace’s new, less prescriptive take on sexy.

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