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I make beats. Here is one!


9:43 pm
December 1, 2008



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10:02 pm
December 1, 2008


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5.1/10. Ok beat.

A little too chaotic to be honest. All of the melodies run together, and most of them don't blend. Also, some of the brass isnt in tune, and it overpowers it WAY to much. Sounds like your using factory samples and settings for the instrumentation, a slight turn off to the ears, and makes for a too generic beat. The epic mood that you were going for with the southern atmopshere didnt work out to well, and the hook lacked that “Umph” that makes and breaks beats in this category. Also felt the flute on the hook wasnt powerful enough and it was out of place.

Tell you what though, them drums were banging. Only strong point about the beat.

Just, study more into mixing, instrument placing, blending, and precise breaks and build ups that can give it a more “WOW” factor. Be sure to look into more VSTi's or better samples also. Keep it up though, theres only time for improvement.

1, Pikk.

9:04 am
August 14, 2019


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