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4:24 pm
October 31, 2008



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856, NJ


Ight I'm trying to purchase the gxl2200sp which include a gxl large diaphragm condenser mic, gxl 1200 cardoil condenser mic, and an EPF-15A Pop Filter. The mics are USB plug-ins. I was told that these reduced quality and was told to get a phantom box. But would a phantom box be able to have USB's plugged into it? and also be able to be plugged into the computer? also lemme know what ya think about these mics, overall im trying to keep it around a 200 $ price-range. I already have a program, Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and would the mics be able to record into that. ight thanks.


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12:10 am
November 10, 2008

b. wulf

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How much was this mic', and why're you using usb for quality?  Also, Cool Edit is decent…but why not upgrade?  ProTools is lightyears better.

12:28 am
November 10, 2008


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USB mics do lessen the quality and it is true that phantom power increases it to studio quality.

For you to get phantom power it has to be a chord mic.

There are plenty of chord condenser mics that are around the $200 dollar range. I have a sterling audio ST51 condensor mic with a built in screen. Its usually around $250. But after christmas and all that s**t, prices drop on all music equipment. Chord mics are what you should be paying attention to really. The only set back is you have to pay atleast $100 more for an alpha box. An alpha box by the way is like, example: Lexicon or Omega. It has mic inputs n outputs in it to connect u from the mic to the box, n a usb to connect to your computer.

Its more costly, but the quality gives you an edge. Just study it some more. 1.

1:00 am
November 12, 2008



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not to come in as the all knowing or anything like that.. and not to even be the bearer of bad news.. but phantom power does nothing for quality.. condenser mics require phantom power to work… dynamice dont use phantom power.. and i see no difference when using phantom power on them… the factors that will affect your quality are… most basic… the bit and sample rate of your recording.. and then.. the expensive complex parts… your mic pre, and your converter

notice when you stay analog it sounds so much better.. thats because it never is reduced to to digital quality.. and theres no converter to skrew up the analog to digital conversion