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New equipment… Next Dimension Productions…


5:23 am
May 7, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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Abortion Clinic in the Witching Hour…


Got some new equipment… to go with the ever growing list of s**t we already have… we have 3 locations at the moment, two studios, one within my house, and one in my homies house… and another spot to do more production… I just got another M-Box Mini Bundle from Musicians Friend… I have gone with them in the past, and never had a problem, until this last time… which was backordered for 3 weeks… it was a good deal… so I don't mind… check it…


Pretty damn good if you got $400 to spend, and the system requirements for Protools 8 LE, and an M-Box…

Now I'm just waiting for the new computer to come in, which should be sometime this week… I “hulked” that s**t out with a Athlon Dual Core 64 X2 5400+, 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB HD… and a 24 inch flat screen monitor… for only $800… is the s**t…

I'm breakin' my back, makin' beats, writin' songs, recordin', and running a legit business…

The next venture is buying a t-shirt press… I'll be hittin' ya'll up for help… and if you need anything, do the same to me… I might be busy, but I can make time…


5:26 am
May 7, 2009

king cobra

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thats pretty sickkk man…and pretty cheap for that computer.  tshirt press too? thats cool.

keep me updated when you get some new songs out..and if you need any graphic work done, hit me up.

6:49 am
May 7, 2009

loose cannon

Master Shadowvillian

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Yeah man thats were i got my combo from, but since then i had to upgrade my mic and now i want to upgrade my monitors…  But yeah its still def a good deal..  And yep Tiger Direct is the s**t

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