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New&Hot Beats


10:38 am
November 29, 2008


Fresh Meat

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Hey People Wat's Up??

Listen My Beats Please…


11:05 am
November 29, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

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Iight beats. You've got potential in this genre and area, I can tell that.

But, as of right now, I can critique an large ammount:

Your drums/snares/hats/percussion, all of it, 2 dry. Reverberation is a key effect to give beats of this style a more atmopsheric effect. Also, more bass drum. If your going for the whole southern crunk, most cats want that thumping bass drum, with panned snare rolls for bridges n maybe a high tom roll.

Alot of your synths are to dry, and in most of them, very off tune. Tuned melodies in this genre makes and breaks the beat. That and how you mix n channel effects, because blending your instruments is a key part.

The structure of your beats are to simple. Very few build up's, barely any change up's, or bridges. Makes for a long and drawn out boring beat.

But aye, I did see alot of potential in 'Slow Dirty'. Just, keep working on improving your skills, and try and evolve yourself more into the mixing techniques and the studying of effects.

1, Pikk.