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Oil vacuum pump system


7:43 pm
November 23, 2020



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Oil vacuum pump system

From the perspective of energy saving and emission reduction, it is a problem that every vacuum operator must face up to. The traditional concept of oil-free is only to obtain a clean, carbon free hydride pollution-free vacuum environment. Today’s “oil-free” not only meets the requirements of clean vacuum environment, but also protects the environment to prevent the pollution and emission of waste oil and waste gas.

The traditional oil vacuum system (2x type rotary vane vacuum pump) generally has low energy utilization rate, especially the oil booster pump and oil diffusion pump. It is under this background that the molecular pump is widely used and has the potential to replace the traditional diffusion pump in the area less than 400 mm. The power of the diffusion pump is five times higher than that of the molecular pump with the same diameter of 250mm. In the long run, the market space of oil vacuum system is bound to be narrower and narrower.

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