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PvP sliders for your mycareer are atrocious.


1:28 am
November 17, 2020


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The routine NBA games are fine for the most part but there are still some abuse of 2K MT mechanisms such as baseline drive cartoons which are apparently unguardable together with the typical NBA player. The competition system is far better for everyone, particularly guards although (even without intimidator) on the interior and it needs players to set screens and force mismatches which is good because it’s imitating a true nicely thought out basketball drama. No issues here.

PvP sliders for your mycareer are atrocious. No I dont need to be stepping back using a 2 way slashing playmaker, but I want to get an opportunity of being rewarded for setting up a teammate using a 75 3pt. Rewarding poor defense by leaving someone wide open because they dont have a 90+ three point shot has to be repaired, because this encourages paint sitting which also hinders slashers from playing nicely as well.

2K also incorporated a shot stick which honestly is different and pretty cool but there is no reason to use it when you’re able to shoot more consistently with the shot button. If youre going to employ a new mechanic, give it a motive for folks to use it. They should make the green window bigger or more consistent for those people with typical 3pt shots in order to encourage practicing the new mechanic and forcing the defense to actually play real basketball defense.

I know that although this is a sporting simulation game its not going to be ideal but as a video game there has to be equilibrium. There should not be just 1 way to Buy NBA 2K Coins acquire (play shots chucking shots and glass cleaners grabbing them) because at that point it will become a shoot out and who can be fortunate enough to green it should be how you use what your myPlayer can perform with your teammates to a certain game plan so as to acquire a bucket. Now I know there are badges which boost certain group plays most listeners promote isolation play which takes away from the value of team play.