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Video of my Morbid Poetry beat-Its ALIVE!


4:56 am
January 10, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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Finally getting around to finding some software and programs to capture live video and audio off my monitor and soundcard, so I thought I'd make a video of my beat still in FL8. If I had found all this first, I'd of recorded 'during' the session, but I didn't so, sue me. Just enough to show you how I structure my s**t and such, and generally how I mix. Sorry for the quality, but im new to the video thing, I was trying to show you the effects/and plug ins I was using, but it came out smaller then I realized. Next time will be better. But yea, Live, no audio overlays, just straight out of FL8.

1, Pikk.


3:10 pm
January 10, 2009



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Top City, KS


What mixer do you use?

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3:19 pm
January 10, 2009

Mr. AL

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British Columbia, Canada


great beat…i love it!

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3:38 pm
January 10, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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Zanesville, OH


p.i.k.k, you still sendin me those VSTs?