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You Can Become a Shadowville Producer


4:52 pm
January 16, 2011


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12:30 pm
January 17, 2011


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Hello everyone!

My Name is Andrew, and I live in Germany. I like different styles of music, but mostly I try to produce instrumentals based on emotional feelings, i.e. soft / smooth hip-hop. I also like to produce kind of agressive tracks. And sometimes just something atmospheric.

I don't use any samples and work in Cubase.

Some of my work you can listen to on the soundclick page:…..ID=1120971

Greets from Berlin!

10:20 pm
January 17, 2011

S.U.P.E.R. Music

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Helloooo people, allow us to introduce ourselves, we are S.U.P.E.R. Music and if you want some real beat diversity then you should pick us Shadowville. The link below contains two of our sick beats, but surely not limited to the best we can do. Pick us and we'll have so much more!…..ID=1139497

1:23 pm
January 18, 2011


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More of my stuff to check out…..ID=1139648


11:52 am
January 19, 2011

S.U.P.E.R. Music

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still check out these two beats Shadowville and if you're feeling them let us know so we can upload more of our beats, these are just a taste of what we can do…..ID=1139497

1:12 am
January 21, 2011

eddie hazel

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Yo!  I'd love to be a shadowville producer!  I been producing for 2 years, I just started my SoundClick page about a month ago, I don't have a VIP page and I don't use promotion tools but I get about 400 plays and around 40-50 downloads a day.  I make completely original beats as well as sample (gotta keep the old school alive) I currently have a couple beats in the top 100 and top 50 of their respective genres on SoundClick.  I'll attach a few of my more popular beats for your consideration.

Monster w/Hook (sampled beat)…..p;newref=1

Goodbye (original beat)…..p;newref=1

Jamaica, Jamaica (sampled beat)…..4&q=hi

Hollowpoint (original beat)…..p;newref=1

1:50 am
January 21, 2011



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I live this track.!!!!   Very sexual. Like having sex with a girl, and her enjoying my penis.

And my penis, enjoying all the attention. lol

Isn't that an odd ass word, Penis?  WTF..

When I say, suck my d**k b*tch.. it comes off like I don't respect the pussy.

But I love the pussy. Sorry, I got side tracked.

Beautiful soulful track holmes

10:19 am
January 24, 2011


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Houston to Milwaukee


Hello Shadowville… I am J-FERG, a music producer who is interested in having my beats become available on your site after your review… I am versatile in my beat-making and I do travel and network from the north to the south… I am constantly trying to better myself and my skills and I would really appreciate just a few minutes of your time just to take a listen to some of my beats and hopefully allow me to become a Shadowville producer… Thanks for your time and consideration, J-FERG…

Anyone else who may see this post, please take a listen:


3:16 pm
January 26, 2011


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Me i want ito become shadowville producer

this is sounclick account

Cracker Beats

9:56 pm
January 27, 2011



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I vote for Lifeanddeathproductions to become apart of the Shadowville roster.
He'll be posting in here shortly. 

Edit: Never mind.