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You Can Become a Shadowville Producer


2:32 pm
January 11, 2017

markezi producer

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Post edited 2:34 pm - January 11, 2017 by markezi producer

Hi Shadowville staff and community!
I am Donald Oshafi aka Markezi Producer and i want to join in Shadowville.

I produce Hip Hop , Old School , Underground , Reggae and sometimes Soultrap.

Here it is my work

If you like my work , please vote me.

Thank you , wish you the best!

5:39 am
January 21, 2017


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Whats up yall. My name is Locke and other artists know me as ‘The Light’. I’m a 34 year old composer that stays on the grind making beats with FL Studio, Logic, Reason and various other programs in conjunction with my handy collection of custom sounds and VST instruments.

I’ve got two projects on bandcamp at the moment that I’d like people to check out. The first is a demo tape I made a while back to showcase my flows and instrumentals. The project is called ‘The Lift’ and it can be found here :

The second project and the one I’m most proud of at the moment features an oustanding underground hip hop MC that goes by ‘Ashir the Professor’ produced in Maine, U.S.A. and exclusively featuring instrumentals that I made myself. The title of the album with is Ashir’s debut album as an MC and the first full length album I’ve produced in its entirety is called ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ it can be found here:

I’d like to be considered as a house producer for Shadowville and can be reached at either of these two emails : /

4:56 pm
January 25, 2017


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Brooklyn, NY


Hello! My name is Tamara Davis and I go by 99plus. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I do vocal/beat production.

I have a collaborative mixtape coming out in February called The PLUS Tape with some producers and artists. The vocal production will be done by me, along with the promotion, management, and the financial aspects of it. An example of one of the songs that will be on there is available by request through email.
I have future placements and collaborations I’m in the early stages of working on and feel like shadowville is a great place to showcase my music along side other talented producers.

My soundclick page:
My email:

I produce Pop, RNB, Trap, Trapsoul, and HipHop

I’d like to join the Shadowville community and hope to hear from you guys soon!

“Do anybody make real shit anymore?”

7:14 am
January 28, 2017

sofaking prall

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Bonn (Germany)


Hi Shadowville Team,

my name is Sofaking Prall and im a producer from western europe . I tried to get a producer on shadowfville for a half year i think, without success, Now im much better in mastering and mixing and i think you will notice it and like it . Btw i try to combine an old sample style with new trap sounds .
im at the beginnging of my work as producer and already sold some beats to rappers. i want to push it forward and i would tp push it on shadowville.

so get me on…;pid=983


i would preciate it to get a part of the shadowville community

luv an peace

12:35 pm
January 29, 2017


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3FoldTino - Heres our Soundclick and Soundcloud. We also have a good internet presence if you’d like to google “3FoldBeats”

10:16 am
February 13, 2017


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2:08 pm
February 13, 2017


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Thanks for letting people apply for a beatmaker spot first of all. I’ve been producing since I was 16 for about 5 years. Starting to get into a good groove of producing. Here are my most 2 recently uploaded beats.

First beat: Uplifting club banger. A bit of a mix of Lil Yachty production and DJ Mustard/Metro Boomin.

Second beat: Another silly type beat with a pop feel but hard 808s and drums.

All of my beats are original work. Thank you and have a good day.


8:44 am
February 19, 2017

banned it beatz

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Nowa Dęba, Poland. Now Brooklyn,NY


Greetings to all of the Shadowville Family!!!

My name is Patrick, also known as Banned It Beatz. I’m making beats in rap/grime/RnB as well as cinematic genres and I’m writing this letter to You because i would like to join Shadowville producers circle. So please check out one of my beats below and vote for me to join You guys. Thank You for Your time!!!

All the best
Banned It Beatz

12:07 pm
March 8, 2017


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Hi,my name is Kosta and greetings to shadowville users and admins.
I am rap hip hop and rnb producent and have just recently started promoting my work.

here is my work i hope you will like it Cool

12:24 pm
March 13, 2017


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