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You Can Become a Shadowville Producer


2:32 pm
January 11, 2017

markezi producer

Fresh Meat

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Post edited 2:34 pm - January 11, 2017 by markezi producer

Hi Shadowville staff and community!
I am Donald Oshafi aka Markezi Producer and i want to join in Shadowville.

I produce Hip Hop , Old School , Underground , Reggae and sometimes Soultrap.

Here it is my work

If you like my work , please vote me.

Thank you , wish you the best!

5:39 am
January 21, 2017


Fresh Meat

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Whats up yall. My name is Locke and other artists know me as ‘The Light’. I’m a 34 year old composer that stays on the grind making beats with FL Studio, Logic, Reason and various other programs in conjunction with my handy collection of custom sounds and VST instruments.

I’ve got two projects on bandcamp at the moment that I’d like people to check out. The first is a demo tape I made a while back to showcase my flows and instrumentals. The project is called ‘The Lift’ and it can be found here :

The second project and the one I’m most proud of at the moment features an oustanding underground hip hop MC that goes by ‘Ashir the Professor’ produced in Maine, U.S.A. and exclusively featuring instrumentals that I made myself. The title of the album with is Ashir’s debut album as an MC and the first full length album I’ve produced in its entirety is called ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ it can be found here:

I’d like to be considered as a house producer for Shadowville and can be reached at either of these two emails : /