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You Can Become a Shadowville Producer


3:30 am
May 15, 2017

junior beats

Fresh Meat

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JunioR beats
West Coast | Gfunk | R&B | Neo Soul | Gangsta
YouTube Channel:

YouTube Channel:

1:55 pm
May 15, 2017


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Hey my name is dan aka jew3lz

This is my submission :
Holla at me at this email

10:24 am
June 4, 2017


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Post edited 10:25 am - June 4, 2017 by ezqmusical

Good day Shadowville,

My name is EZ-Q Universe and I general produce soulful hip hop beats. Sample are available via the link below:

Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to your feedback soonest.

EZ-Q Universe

8:52 am
June 5, 2017


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Chicago, IL


Vote for me! - S.M.G.K Sound wants to join shadowville as producer! -

Hi Shadowville-community&staff…
My name is Sean AKA ‘S.M.G.K Sound’ and I would like you to check out my music and
vote for me since I would like to join Shadowville as a producer and need your feedback!

Here is a link to one of my beats (most non-sampled by the way).. please check it out!


If you like what you hear and want me to join Shadowville, vote and reply to this post!
Got tons of beats in different styles ready to go online!!

Thanks for your support in advance!

Best Regards,
SEAN aka S.M.G.K Sound

2:04 pm
June 5, 2017


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There are a bunch of beats here, I’ll keep uploading more too!

8:34 am
June 22, 2017


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Hello One & All,

I’m DJ Storm from Montreal, Canada and I would like to have someone check out my beats to perhaps join the roster of great producers on this website.
I have a great amount of experience as I’ve released many projects over the course of my career most recently:

Love & Hip Hop The Game (35 original beats produced, mixed and mastered)
Grind Stone ft. Sadat X (Brand Nubian - production, mixing, mastering & scratching)
Kicks, Snares & Hi Hats (DJ Storm - production, scratching, live drums, mixed & mastered)
+ many other projects including compilations (Return of the DJ Volume 4 & 5.5 etc…)

you can hear some of my other beats (non sampled based, as I create the original sound and then trigger it myself, to give it a sample type of feel) here:

Thank you for your time and look forward to hopefully joining this incredible roster of talent.
I can be reached at:

5:55 pm
July 9, 2017


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Im a 13 year old producer and my friend dared me to come her and try to become a selling producer and he said i couldent do it so i wanted to prove him wrong so here is a link to my soundcloud for you to preview if you come to my post .


5:00 pm
July 12, 2017

don most

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Harlem, NY


I am a extremely talented producer looking to get y shot on Shadowville. My skills and work ethic are professional. Ibhave over 20 years experience on many different types of music hardware and software. You can check me out @
Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Don Mo$T


5:44 pm
August 14, 2017


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Hello all =]] Hope you’re having a nice day, the sun is shining and life’s not as sh*t as it can be.

Here’s some of my work that I’d really like to share with you all !

Rap beat -


I’m really into sound design and love making odd things that stand out, and I feel I’ve only gotten better and will continue to do so. =]]

thanks for your time ~~ !

(And if you guys don’t pick up that don guy above me thats just crazy, nice stuff man !)

1:42 pm
August 18, 2017


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Hello, I’d like to be considered as a producer on your roster based off of my work. Below you can find a direct link to my website. I have a steady in studio clientele base and am striving for a stronger online presence. Thank you for you consideration, I hope that you enjoy listening to my work as much as I enjoyed making it.

Stay Up,