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You Can Become a Shadowville Producer


5:38 pm
February 27, 2011


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Hi I am interested in selling my beats. I'm working on producing beats for about ten years. I make rap beats sampled but also based on my compositions. If you want to listen to my beats invite you to my profile on myspace

Here you will hear my compositions and sampled beats. The first beat called BBit2 is my owncomposition. The other is a mix of samples with compositions.

I am a versatile producer of the Polish underground. My trademark is “9 Production”. Under this name is only enabled for a year. Previously acted as “Maro_9″. In the crew “RPS TOURISM”. I have in my history of activity: two years after the submission of beats in 2003, we spent with my buddy album “RPS CREW - ILLEGAL NUMBER ONCE” in 2006 that is 3 years later I made a mixtape “Beat and Rhyme Vol 1″, a year after the mixtape in 2007 ended working on a solo rap album “Maro_9 - Untitled”. Finally, in 2009, I managed to make the album with the team, “RPS TOURISM - BLOCKS MUSIC SMOKE 2009″ on all these productions was preparing beats. At this stage of my career as a beat producer, I make beats for the new project “Good Job”, which you can hear on my profile on myspace. My producer e-mail address is .

I hope to start cooperation. Respect and greetings to the whole team Shadowville.

                                                                                                           9 Production! Remember Man

5:38 pm
February 27, 2011


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8:24 pm
February 27, 2011

ear 2 tha beat

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I NEED YOUR VOTE …:: EAR 2 THA BEAT wants to join shadowville as a producer ::…

Hey Shadowville community,

This is EAR 2 THA BEAT and I would love to get involved in the Shadowville community as a producer. Some of you guys might already know my work.
Im also one half of ROYAL AUDIO TUNES, which is a collabo with my man ALLROUNDA.
Please checkout my music and support me with your vote and/or feedback.

This is one example of my work: (no samples)…..p;newref=1

If you want to hear more, feel free to checkout:

So if you guys are feeling what you hear, please vote for me, I would appreciate that alot.
I will make sure to bring that heat for your speakers!

Thanks for your time!

12:22 am
March 1, 2011


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I posted earlier in this thread, but I think my production has improved signicantly since. All of my beats are 100% original, no samples used. My soundclick is…..roductions. Thanks for listening

12:32 am
March 1, 2011



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“None of these producers are 'a cross,' so they'll never 'sign' with Shadowville.” -Undefeated.

1:30 am
March 1, 2011



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Mikosbeatz @YouTube:

Mikosbeatz 4 sale @Myflashstore:

5:08 pm
March 2, 2011

battle skars

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lakewood ca


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i would like to be a producer on shadowville …here is a link of some of my new work.. vote for me… check out my beats take some time to listen

battle skars beats

8:53 pm
March 2, 2011


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Here is my submission! This beat was created by me and my co-producer this non-sampled and we have lots more still in production!

8:58 pm
March 3, 2011


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Hello People Of Shadowville my Name is Danny i have been Making music For awhile now and i wish to have the opportunity to work with shadowville. My music is original, i do not sample other songs and i have been playing piano since i was about 6 years old. here is one of my latest Hip hop beats created with Reason 4 and Ableton live…..on/loosing Thank You and i hope you like it Laugh  (Music is my life)

5:20 am
March 4, 2011


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Slantize said:

Post edited 9:00 am - February 24, 2011 by Slantize

Due to the vast amounts of e-mail applications we are receiving, we now recruit producers only via this forum.

If you are interested in selling your beats on, please post in this thread a link to your best work in a streaming, non-download format (and make sure your link works!). Every now and then, a Shadowville producer or employee will review this thread for potential producers to have their work added to our catalog of beats. We do not guarantee that every post will be reviewed but we will make our best effort to do so. A good way to be noticed is to have the public community or an existing producer on vouch for you. You will be contacted by Private Message on if we are interested in your work. Make sure a real email address is associated with your account so you will be notified of new Private Messages by emai Vote me pls