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You Can Become a Shadowville Producer


5:34 pm
June 10, 2011


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Nicholas Lewis

1:21 am
June 11, 2011


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HOPE TO RECIEVE SOME FEEDBACK,any would be appreciated. Have been producing for some time, mainly for hobby. But as of lately have been able to produce some tracks for some up-and coming rappers from Fresno,CA. as well as 3 tracks for a San Antonio Texas based rapper who is on his way! I originally started as a dj- doing remixes for dance and hip hop tracks( will post some links to some remixes).

New to Shadowville. Would like to become a new producer.. Check out some of my tracks Peace!


2:09 pm
June 11, 2011



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2:02 am
June 12, 2011


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San Diego


Hey there Shadowville. My name is Matt, and I am hoping to get my beats on Shadowville. I use Logic Pro 9 for all of my beats. I never use samples everything I make is 100% ORIGINAL. My website is when you visit my site you can not only learn more about me as a producer but you can browse through the few beats I currently have uploaded. When you visit my site my best beat (in my opinion) will start playing automatically and you can continue listening to it while your look through my site. I am friends with professional producers J-U Nyce and Vocaine and they have said that I have made more progress in a week than they have seen other producers do in months. Vocaine and J-U Nyce are also the people I learned the basics of producing from. Please check out my site and get back to me.


6:21 pm
June 14, 2011

Eskimo Beatz

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My name is Eskimo Beatz and I take beat making seriously.

I provide high quality beats that are diverse and unique.

All beats are non-sampled and 100% made by me.

I have great respect for the producers of Shadowville, and would love the opportunity to become a producer for Shadowville so we can both make money together.

Here is a link to my music page:…..ID=1180714

I make beats regularly so have more quality instrumentals ready to go online.

If you like my beats please vouch for me via this forum so that I may join the ranks of the Shadowville producers. Feedback is also appreciated, but not necessary.

I look forward to hearing back from you, Shadowville.


Eskimo Beatz

8:06 pm
June 15, 2011


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Rio Grande City, TX


Shadowville admins and staff.

My name is Santiago Ramirez a.k.a Latro/Chago. If you ever find the time to click on my link and check out my beats, it would be greatly appreciated and in hopes that you like my style of producing beats.

ALL my beats are original!!! NO SAMPLING! I play everything by ear and produce beats on how I feel, it is the best way I can express myself.

The link that is provited are 4 of my many beats I have produced, so if you're intrested Please contact me.…..tent=music 

Take in mind that I produce ALL types of beats from Dirty South, Urban/R&B, to Club and Pop.

Thank you for your time.

Won't Let Ya'll Down!

2:44 pm
June 17, 2011


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Whats up, im Rewind.

Normaly i just make HipHop Beats,

Deep, aggro, Battles**t, Sampled, and Non-Sampled.

Let me Know what you think!

Thank you for your time. Laugh

1:28 pm
June 19, 2011

brb prod.

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What up Shadowville, hi listeners!

My name is Adam [BRB prod.] I'm from Poland and I want to join to shadowville as everybody here. I'm 15 but I've been producing since 2007/2008. I don't make only one kind of beats. My favourite are sampled but I like to make west coast, dirty south, midwest, hardcore, vibe ….Only that I don't really like is Pop and R&B.

Ok, check my myspace page if you want to listen some, two sampled there, rest are composed but I got only 10 beats uploaded there so my “library” is waaaaaay bigger ;) I just don't want to post links of milion sites there because who wants to check them all. Right?

Ok, link is here…..r=featured


9:15 pm
June 25, 2011



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What is the the program you do the beats with

because i need to know that, please !

if i know it and i liked it i might be a Shadowville prod. but if not, then…

2:30 am
June 26, 2011


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Hi Shadowville,

My name is Dorijan Setina and I would like you to check out my music and

vote for me since I would like to join Shadowville as a producer and need your feedback!

Here is a link to my beats (non-sampled)…..ID=1183428

If you like it and want me to join Shadowville, vote and reply to this post!

Got many beats in different styles.

Thanks for your support in advance!

Dorijan Setina