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(1)How to Improve the quality of cement kiln clinker ?

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July 13, 2017



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How to Improve the quality of cement kiln clinker ?

Improve the quality of cement kiln clinker should control the five major aspects

The fist major aspect:

In order to ensure the implementation of the rotary cement kiln batching program and the uniformity of the raw material composition, improve the quality of clinker, in the production process quality control should pay attention to the mountain to improve the quality of rotary cement kiln clinker should control the five major aspects

(1) to strengthen the raw materials and raw materials mill and raw materials to determine the measurement and control: the material moisture on the cement production and quality control have a greater impact, should strengthen the detection and control, and take appropriate measures. The greater the raw material moisture, the greater the impact on raw chemical analysis results. The higher the moisture content of the raw material, the lower the chemical composition of the raw material and the dry matter (true value). It can be seen from the analysis and calculation that moisture has a great influence on the KH value of raw material, but it has little effect on SM and IM. When the raw water content increases from 0% to 2%, the KH fluctuates to 0.17, │△M│≥0.24~0.27%, the │ △ KH│ ≥ 0.02, it exceeds the control target value of the allowable range of fluctuations. If the raw material moisture is controlled from 0% to 2%, the measured value of coal loss can be reduced from 10.0% to 7.45%, The heat is reduced from 4186kJ / kg to 3065kJ / kg; that is, when │ △ M│ ≥ 0.39, │ △ P│ ≥ 0.5%, and │ △ Q│ ≥ 219kJ / kg, beyond the control value target allowable range. In the daily production, the other is often the case: the grinding material Tc and control indicators in line, but the calculated KH value is often significantly higher than the ingredients program requirements, one of the main reasons is that the grinding raw material containing water , The test did not take into account, and Tc or TCaO actually qualified or even high raw material as low, and increase the amount of limestone feed, resulting in high KH value. According to the batching scheme, the Tc control index of the dry base grinding material is 69.90%. If the water content of the raw material is 10%, the actual value of the Tc of the dry raw material becomes 69% X = 100 × 69.90% ÷ (100-l) = 70.61%. Therefore, in addition to measures to reduce the moisture into the material, in the production control, each class at least one or two times the determination of raw water, it is best to add moisture rapid analyzer, so that each raw material to measure a moisture, , The chemical analysis of water-containing raw materials into dry-based raw material results, to correctly guide the production control.

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