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(3):How to Improve the quality of cement clinker ?


3:46 am
July 17, 2017



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Improve the quality of cement<a href=”Rotary Kiln“> rotary kiln clinker should control the third major aspects:
In order to ensure the implementation of the cement rotary kiln batching program and the uniformity of the raw material composition, improve the quality of clinker, in the production process quality control should pay attention to the mountain to improve the quality of cement kiln clinker should control the third major aspects.

(3) raw material ingredients utilization rate control: cement Raw material  ingredients control is one of the most important aspects of cement production line. Raw material quality directly affects the yield and quality of clinker. At present, the raw materials of most cement plants in our country are controlled by calcium and iron, but because the method only cares about the content of CaO and Fe2O3, and does not consider the change of SiO2 and Al2O3 content, therefore can not guarantee the grinding rate stable. Only in the raw materials in the SiO2 and Al2O3 content is relatively stable under the premise, can guarantee the stability of the raw material ingredients. If the content of SiO2 and Al2O3 in the raw materials fluctuate greatly, even if the raw material of calcium and iron is 100% qualified, it is difficult to pass the raw material rate. In the actual production, many of the use of calcium and iron control of cement raw materials, although the grinding raw material calcium iron titration rate is very high, but the average daily rate of its value is very volatile. Raw material calcium and iron indicators and the quality of cement clinker is not directly related to the raw material rate can only determine the raw material burnability and clinker quality. Therefore, the direct control of the rate of grinding raw materials, the implementation of raw material ratio ratio control can significantly improve the yield of raw material yield, promote the kiln calcination and improve the quality of clinker. (20 minutes) to obtain SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO four components and coal content, input to the rate value control calculation computer for raw material ratio correction calculation, the raw material of the new raw materials And automatically sent to the data transmitter, the data transmitter to the raw material of the new ratio sent to the raw material workshop, located in the raw material shop data receiver to receive data, through the raw material feeding computer keyboard port automatically input to Raw material feeding computer and automatically change the raw material ratio, in order to achieve raw material ingredients rate control. Because it is through the keyboard mouth and raw material feeding computer docking, therefore, the system can be compatible with any computer feed system, but also automatically correct the feeding scale zero drift, significantly improve the yield of raw material rate of pass rate (KH ± 0.02, SM ± 0.1, IM ± 0.1) is greater than 80%, which is a revolution in the control method of raw material batching.

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