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Anodized Sheet Aluminum

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October 24, 2023


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Anodized sheet aluminum is a product that puts the aluminum sheet inside the oxidation tank, conducts power, and bureaucracy an oxide film on the surface. In order that the anodized Aluminum Sheet has various traits. The anodized aluminum plate produced by way of our corporation are all anodized, and the thickness of the oxide movie can attain 3-8 microns, that is a tremendously terrific product. It can be stated that the anodized aluminum plate is mainly an oxide movie, and the anodized aluminum plate has numerous unique homes depending at the compactness, safety and suit of the oxide movie.
The safety of anodized sheet aluminum: Anodized aluminum sheet has a long service existence, especially because the oxide movie can isolate external corrosion, and can also be used in an acid-base environment in time. Those features aren’t to be had in everyday aluminum sheet. In lots of instances, anodized aluminum sheet are used in curtain walls after oxidation. In terms of ceiling, it has a great decorative effect and lengthy provider life, and the surface will not go away oil stains and stains. It’s miles convenient to easy the surface later, which improves the usability of the product.The anodized aluminum sheet is anti-static: The oxide movie is anti-static, appropriate to be used in anti-static panels or paintings systems, because the oxide film is wear-resistant, so there is no reduction in anti-static ability after a length of use, which can’t be performed by means of paint.The bonding characteristic of anodized sheet aluminum: There are a big quantity of micropores within the thin oxide film, and the micropore adsorption capability of the movie is powerful. In terms of LED substrates and copper clad laminate substrates, anodized aluminum sheet may be better bonded to copper foils, due to the fact there are oxidation holes at the oxide movie, which could play a higher fit.