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Assembly clearance of vacuum pump

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3:26 am
July 21, 2020



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Assembly clearance of vacuum pump

The fitting tolerance between parts is a very important parameter, which directly affects the performance of vacuum pump. The accuracy of the parts has been analyzed before and the rough bottom will appear if the fitting is not good. For example, there is a 2X-4 rotary vane vacuum pump. The user always thinks that the vacuum degree is not high. It is found that it runs normally without air leakage or oil leakage, the noise is not obvious, and the temperature rise is not serious, but the vacuum degree is only 20 grids (about 8 * 10-2 Torr). The experience of the vacuum pump factory has proved that the vacuum pump oil is too dirty, there is moisture in the oil, the wrong oil is used, the parts in the cavity are worn, and the clearance between parts is too large.

When repairing, the oil can be changed first because this method is the most convenient and effective method. Often some of the pump vacuum is not high, change the oil to solve. If the oil is not changed, the next step is to replace the oil for cleaning. The vacuum degree of the 2x-15 type pump is still 20 gauge after oil change, so it is decided to take it apart for inspection. After cleaning, measure the cavity size of parts and components, and find that the end clearance is 4-5 wires and partial shot. However, considering this kind of clearance, as long as the oil circuit is adjusted properly, pengyou can be installed, but it is still 20 gauge. When it is disassembled for the second time, check the out of perpendicularity (should be no more than half wire, i.e. Q005 mm). If it is found that it is not good, it is sent to the surface grinder to grind 2-3 wires from the cavity gamma surface, so that the fit gap between the rotary blade and the end cover of the cavity is less than 2-3 wires, and the non perpendicularity is qualified. In this way, after re assembly, the problem is solved. The vacuum degree reaches 70 grid ((about 1.5 * 10-2 Torr), which has met the production use.

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