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Bought a beat but I didn’t get it

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4:52 pm
July 8, 2013

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I purchased a beat over 1.5 month ago and I haven’t received any beat yet even though I have been billed for my purchase. The beat I bought was “Whatever You Like”.
The order number is 22762

I tried sending a mail but I didn’t get any response.


7:13 am
July 23, 2013

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Can anybody help me here?

10:35 pm
July 26, 2013


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Brooklyn, NY


It seems that you only purchased the track separation. What is the order ID of the original beat license?

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8:04 am
July 31, 2013

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Here is what I got in my e-mail:

Order Number: 22762
Merchant Authorization ID: 94A19627XY769954V

5:21 pm
August 7, 2013

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It turns out I can’t use track separation for anything so could I please just get the regular license and then I will add the last 5 dollars?

1:20 pm
August 28, 2013

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Can I get some help here. I paid for track separation but I haven’t received anything for 3 months now. I have already paid for it and I have an album to release and the only thing holding be back from releasing it is this ordeal.This is unacceptable!

So can I please get some help?!?!

11:59 am
October 28, 2013


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s**tty thing, this is the bad thing about buying license… By the way, did you paid the full-profit licence or what? Confused

12:53 pm
November 4, 2013

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Wassup i paid for Mi Novia (Slantize) Exclusive rights the 8 june 2013
and till today it says …Processing (365 days)?
the phone number doesnt work…
I NEED the TRACKOUTS please , so let me know i’m waiting for them ok thx.

My order number is #23079

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