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Cost control of crusher product development

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9:16 pm
December 11, 2019



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In the crusher product development stage, under the condition of ensuring product performance, manufacturers should try to perform parallel operations to shorten the Gravel crushers product development life cycle, and obtain excellent cost performance through technological innovation.
The crusher manufacturers should also perform reasonable technical, manpower, and cost allocations simultaneously and simultaneously, while producing within the product life cycle, carry out the next possible product technology update or new product development. Today, target cost management is often used in technology development, so the crusher design is based on the lowest possible sales price.
At the beginning of the research and development of crusher products, cost management should be carried out as reasonably as possible, and a lower budget should be obtained as far as possible under the determined level of benefits. Because Gravel crushers for sale manufacturers often inevitably experience overruns during the commissioning process or the project, the budget must take into account the deviations that will always occur during project implementation.