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Discount Activity For The Fourth Anniversary On West Kiss Hair Store

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10:30 pm
September 18, 2020


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Post edited 10:31 pm - September 18, 2020 by westkisshumanhair

This year is the fourth year for West Kiss Human Hair Wig Online Store. In order to celebrate the birthday of ourselves, we are making a big promotion activity from September 3 to September 25. Below are some combo deal information.

1. 613 Straight 5×5 lace closure wig + machine straight 613 bob wig with bangs
This combo definitely is a paradise for people who are 613 blonde addicts, you can get two 613 hair wigs in different hair length in one order. One is a straight 613 bob lace wig with bangs in 12 inches, the other is a 613 Straight 5×5 lace closure wig in 8-26 inches.

Long hair is mature, short hair is cute, different hair length shows different styles, suitable for you who like change. 5×5 lace closure wig is also named beginners friendly wig, it is easy to wear and remove, good for all wigs’ beginners.

2. 613 Straight lace front wig + 613 blond straight 4×4 lace closure bob wig
Lace front wig and lace closure wig are two different lace wigs with their own advantages. For example, the installation of a 4×4 closure wig is easier. And after installing, the lace front wig looks more natural. People usually hard to pick one between these two lace wigs, but now only one order you can get both of them. That sounds really attractive, right?

Hope you can enjoy this activity. Another way to get the affordable lace wigs on West Kiss Hair Store - go to the West Kiss Hair Coupon Code to get a discount code and then buy the favorite human hair wigs. I think you will be happy to buy goods on our store. Just go go go!!!

At West Kiss, the happiness and satisfaction of the customers with our 100% human hair is always at the top of our policy list. We pride ourselves on customer service and being there with the customer every step of the