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Gypsum mill has become an indispensable milling equipment in mine productio

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9:53 pm
March 27, 2019


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Gypsum mill can also be called Raymond mill, the full name of English: Raymond mill, is a kind of grinding equipment from abroad. After decades of continuous improvement and innovation, the domestic gypsum mill has already possessed a high level abroad, and has become an indispensable milling equipment in mine production. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, cement, roads. Construction and many other areas. The utility model has the advantages of high production efficiency, convenient use and maintenance, good finished product granularity, long service life and high automation degree.
As a mechanical device, it is the fundamental function of the device to maximize the release function and increase economic efficiency. The entire life of the equipment is doing work, which is the same as the material formula, and has a lot to do with working hours. Finding ways to increase the working life of the Raymond mill and increase the use time will naturally increase the economic benefits. Here, we must talk about the importance of scientific management of machinery and equipment. At the moment when the equipment is in the hands of the manufacturer and the user, the user needs to be maintained. The scientific and reasonable maintenance method can make the machine run stably. Today, we will give the following suggestions for the maintenance of the gypsum mill and the extension of its service life.
The working environment of the gypsum mill should try not to leak the work, it is best to re-indoor, so as to reduce the damage of external factors to the equipment, the equipment without wind and sun must be more durable. The strong fortress is broken from the inside. Although Raymond Mills’ idea is to try to increase the compressive and impact strength of Raymond Mill, it is necessary to maintain the necessary maintenance methods. Since Raymond Mill is a grinding equipment, there will be residual powder materials inside after a period of inactivity. The grinding chamber should be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth powder discharge.
For a period of time, the gypsum mill needs to add lubricant regularly. The links inside need regular lubrication. They must be well lubricated to work properly. If you find that the parts are worn out, you must replace them in time. Just like people, the loose teeth should be treated in time, otherwise it will affect the mouth and affect the whole body. The same is true for the gypsum mill. Timely treatment can guarantee the quality and output of the product, and it will greatly help the life of the equipment.