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1:01 pm
January 27, 2013


Fresh Meat

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On Jan 04th 2013, I placed an order of TRACK SEPARATION for Your beat “One More Time” Then last he mailed me On Jan 10th 2013 and One of your Customer Service Representative Said to me “They’ve been having technical issues with the
server ” But Still NO RESPONSE from your side . . . its impossible to get a reply with mail Cause i’ve tried it so many times and i am fed up with this AND NOW THE NEW PROBLEM your Beat “One more time” Showing Unavailable . . .See Brother I’m Just a simple poor man from INDIA . . I need Help . . I’m stuck now  :( . . what should i do now . . .I like Shadowville So much that I keep on telling my friends about this Site and I really hope this problem is temporary. Now Please confirm me how long this producer takes to upload his track separations, and Please I DON’T want to wait this time. Please fix this ASAP.Please For God Sake . . .Could you please give me a tentative time for my delivery ? when are you going to send me those files ? My Order #21229

ThanksConfusedfrown: Frown