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I have not recieved the license or customer service i paid for

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1:51 am
July 31, 2017


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Hello and thank you in advance to any Shadowville rep who will help me regarding this case. On July 12th i purchased a license and received an order confirmation from your sight. On July 12th Shadowville also withdrew the amount owed from my bank account. It was understood that there is a 3 day waiting period.

On July 15th I called the number provided at this website to ask about the status but was sent to voicemail so I left the information asked of me. I have yet to receive a reply by telephone. I also sent an email asking about the issue. I have yet to receive a reply by email.

I waited until July 22nd to contact your company again. I called the number provided by this website and was again promptly sent to voicemail. I still have yet to receive a reply by telephone. Again I sent an email to each of the departments’ email addresses provided on your website in an attempt to make anyone at all aware of my case and if possible stir even one employee to work with me or send my case down the line to anyone who could help. You’re on the clock after all.

To this day, not a single set of eyes read this email and thought to reply regarding my concerns.

Not a single set of ears has listened to my voicemail and taken action to help a customer.

I wonder, what are your supervisors paying you for? More so, what am I even paying you for? I hardly think I could call my business with you a transaction in any sense of the word.

Shadowville has swiftly and eagerly taken my money but has not honored what essentially each and every single business alive is expected to provide. That is an agreed upon service or product in exchange for the money given.

I am not sure what it will take to prompt your company to honor your promise but I will be seeking legal advise on what action I need to take next.

Provide me with what I payed for and I will be happy and thankful. Though I do not expect I will do business again with you in the future. Even if it costs me more in the long run. I would rather pay money to support those out there who do their job with an appreciation of those who allow them to do it.

Your company should have more than enough information already on how to help me with my case. I do not need to provide it again here in this post.