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I Just lost about 3000 dollars after Purchase of a beat, Please Help!!!


2:59 pm
August 12, 2015


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Hello Everybody i am new to this forum,
I have a problem recently after i purchased a beat here on shadowville. So far a total of about $3000 (18000dkk Danish Kroner) has been deducted from my account. Im in Denmark by the way

Do anybody Know how i can get in contact with the producer, or The customer service of shadowville. I have tried all the mediums to contact them and have so far gotten no response. Has anyone gone through a similar situation ?? please any helpful comments will be appreciated.

This is the Email I’ve sent, But so far no response.

Vedhæftede filer11. aug. (for 1 dag siden)

til sales
Hello, We Have Recently Purchase A Beat From The Producer 2Deep,

Since Buying the Lease For The Instrumental There Has been a Overcharge
On the credit card that was used. The Promised Purchase was For 40 Us Dollars,
Around 290 Danish Kroner, But since then there Has been a Charge For 3000 Dollars
Around 18.000 Danish Kroner, For the Website Witch was not Part of the deal. As we se it
All The Information Was Taken From

We would Like to Know how this is possible and What we Can do from Here.

With This EMail You Can see the Receipt And the Agreement That was Made.

Looking Forward to hearing from You all, Thanks!

Blok Nord Ent.


Date: 2015-08-11 12:30 GMT+02:00
Subject: Fwd: Order 28351

From: [email address removed]
Date: 7 Aug 2015 10:20:02 CEST
To: [email address removed]
Subject: Order 28351

Your order from is complete. Congratulations!

For your records, here is the information about your order:

Order Number: 28351
Merchant Authorization ID: 7H480850UW652745L

Order Items:

BLANKET LEASE Grand Larceny $39.99


4:07 pm
August 12, 2015


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Brooklyn, NY


Hi Samuel,

We’re sorry you’ve been experiencing this issue. We do not have anything to do with “”. It sounds like your credit card has been compromised and we recommend you to contact your issuing bank to report unauthorized charges on that transaction. It seems like it was coincidentally timed with your purchase at All credit card transactions on are encrypted over secure HTTPS transfer with 128-bit encryption. We hope this information helps.


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4:09 pm
August 12, 2015


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Brooklyn, NY


Also, I edited your post to remove email addresses mentioned to protect your privacy as well as to prevent spam.

Art is the Ability to Control Other’s Emotions With Your Mind.