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JORDAN SUPER.FLY 2017 Performance reviews

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August 8, 2017


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Traction – Beastly! Indoors or outdoors, this traction setup is awesome. I’ve been playing in the translucent option and the rubber compound, in conjunction with the traction pattern, work beautifully.

Outdoor durability of the outsole is not something we can really determine, as testing that aspect can take months to complete, and if we did that then we’d never post a useful review in time, but while the traction lasts you’ll receive excellent coverage. I feel that if you end up trying these out you’ll be pretty happy with the results.

Cushion – React, Nike’s “new” foam, is one of the most hyped cushion systems that I can remember in recent years, although the VaporMax system did come close. It’s really just dense Lunar foam with a new name that doesn’t accurately describe its function.

React has no reaction while you’re on-court. No bounce. No feedback. Lots of court feel, and moderate impact protection, but nothing special overall. However, I do love how the cushion was implemented full-length because it makes me feel like Nike and Jordan Brand are listening to consumers. Other brands are providing full-length cushioning systems for much less money nowadays and it’s time we received something that is at least trying to compete to stay on top from the Nike/Jordan camp.

With that said, I feel the cushion on the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 could have been cored out in areas so that it allowed for the material to do what Nike/Jordan Brand claimed it did. If this foam really does react and move under pressure then this implementation of it restricted its ability to be itself.

Having the heel and a bit of the forefoot areas cored out could have allowed the foam to compress under pressure and bounce back into it’s original shape as the press unveil claimed it would. Maybe this was something they tried and it didn’t end up working, I’m not really sure. All I know is that coring out midsoles is something that has been proven to work over the years and Nike is no stranger to this because it does it regularly. I’d love to try a cored out version of the cushion just to see if things feel different underfoot.

If you love court feel but want some sort of protection underfoot then this is an ideal setup. It’s definitely better for you than something like the nike kyrie 3 . If you’re looking for plush cushion then this isn’t the setup you’re looking for.

Materials – There are different material options and they are all fantastic! If you prefer an old school build with modern design then go with the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 versions that offer nubuck forefoot overlays. The rear sections of those shoes are a compression-like neoprene material that suck your feet into the shoe and it feels great. The pair I played in used patent leather, which is a bit more stiff and supportive — something I’m not a huge fan of — so if you’re into that then there is an option for you.

The other options feature similar heel builds but with a more modern forefoot overlay done up in textile/mesh. If you prefer to bypass any break-in time and enjoy a softer ride from your upper then this is the option for you. You’ll sacrifice some support from the upper, along with some durability, but it all really depends on what you deem valuable from your shoe. I feel there is an option to suit most players personal preferences, which is always a good look.

Fit – The shoe fits true to size and wide footers will likely be able to get away with going true to size — especially with the mesh models. Lockdown suffered slightly from time to time within the forefoot area due to the overlay being one-piece but a quick readjustment of the laces and I was good-to-go.

The heel fit and lockdown are noticeably exceptional and it’s really comfortable. Sometimes, the heel portion of the shoe can be supportive but restrictive or tight, but that is not the case with the Super.Fly 2017. It’s snug and feels like a one-to-one fit without feeling like you’re wearing a brace.

Speaking of braces. I haven’t tweaked my ankle in a while so I never wore mine during testing. If you wear a brace and were interested in this shoe then I’d highly recommend you bring your brace with you to try the shoe on. The entry of the shoe is a bit snug and may or may not accommodate your equipment comfortably.

Support – Everything you need and expect is featured on the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 including an internal torsional shank bar and internal heel counter. The one-piece overlay along the upper will lose some support if you go with the mesh version and mostly rely on the nylon lacing strands to keep you super secure and on the footbed. If you go with the nubuck option just make sure you adjust the laces as need in order to keep the containment on-point.

The tooling is what shines through as the shape/design is very reminiscent of the Air Jordan 11. Both feature an anatomical design that allows the foot to move fluidly while in motion. However, the midsole tooling wraps up the forefoot — something the Air Jordan 11 is missing — and keeps you on the footbed. That section, combined with the beefy over-exaggerated outrigger mold, keep lateral support and stability in check.

Overall – The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 is so close to being perfect it’s kind of scary — for other brands. The shoe really just lacks the cushion that some may be looking for. However, I see a ton of people rocking Kyrie 3s on-court so it seems as if cushion is something a lot of people aren’t too concerned with.

If you can bypass the cushion or wanted to swap the insole out in order to double stack some cushion then I think you’ll be good. Traction is fantastic and I hope everyone that plays in these feels the same way. Materials were a breath of fresh air and the tooling design was great.

If Nike and Jordan can tweak React to give a little underfoot and still bounce back then this will be something special. If they keep things as-is then you might want to stick with Zoom Air.