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Nike PG 2 Performance Reviews

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3:51 am
February 26, 2018


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The Nike PG 2 is an evolution of the platform the brand introduced with the PG 1.

It’s better than the original. The Nike PG 2 brings an aggressive pattern to the outsole — something the original Nike PG 1 lacked. It’s multidirectional and works well under pressure.

Dust on the floor? No problem. If it starts to become a problem then a quick wipe is all you’ll need. The grooves are widely spaced so clogging will rarely occur, making these an ideal shoe for most players that maneuver their way around the court with or without the ball.

If you play outdoors then I’d go for something else. The rubber used here is very soft and pliable. Great for indoor use — not so much for those wishing to have a shoe that’ll last a while on the blacktop.

Another aspect that is better than the original is the cushion. Lightweight Phylon is back but it doesn’t feel as clunky as it did in the PG 1. It also doesn’t feel as unstable in the heel. Now, the PG 2 offers a setup that is light, stable, and supportive that features 10mm of Zoom Air in the forefoot. That Zoom adds a nice spring to each step of your stride.

Even though the cushion has been amplified a bit I never felt like court feel was lost in the mix. Transition is as smooth as butter and that roll into the toe feels so nice it’ll make you want to run liners — okay, maybe not. Liners suck.

The materials here are pretty similar to what was used on the PG 1 so if you so if you enjoyed the build of that shoe the PG 2 will be familiar.

Suede is placed at the rear of the shoe while the main body is built with a thicker and stronger mesh than what was used on the PG 1. While the mesh is a bit stronger, there still isn’t any real break-in time required. However, a small area that will need breaking in is the base of the lacing where the adaptive fit straps are located due to the way the tongue area closes up.

Durable. Flexible. Comfortable. All-in-one.

True to size worked best for me. The forefoot starts off snug like the PG 1 but it breaks in slightly, something wide footers will enjoy. If you’re like me and loved the PG 1’s fit then you’ll really like the adaptive fit straps; once you adjust your laces to fit your specific foot you’ll feel securely locked in at all times.

Speaking of being locked in…lockdown is a standout feature of the Nike PG 2 OKC. There are multiple laces in various locations allowing you to really customize the shoe to your foot shape and needs. I personally used every lace loop provided and I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere within the shoe.

The rear section is sculpted a bit funny aesthetically but when you wear the shoe you’ll understand why the brand made that area swoop the way it does. It sucks your foot into the shoe in a way that is comfortable. Plenty of padding cups your Achilles to ensure a great fit.

The support isn’t anything extravagant, but it’s better than the PG 1 overall. I always felt that stability in the PG 1 was a little off, yet I never felt that way while wearing the PG 2. The base of the shoe isn’t wide or anything, something I usually enjoy, but there is a mini outrigger in place. While it could have been a bit bigger, I’m at least happy there is one there. It could have been a bad idea to leave it off seeing as how the tooling is rounded in certain areas.

There is a small torsional shank in place, nothing new for the budget Nike models at this point, along with an internal heel counter. Like the outrigger, I would have liked to have had a slightly sturdier heel counter in place. I didn’t ever notice the need for one while playing in the shoe but its a piece of mind thing that never really hurts to have.

Better than the original is the best way to describe the Nike PG 2. I know people prefer the aesthetics of the PG 1 over the PG 2, and I happen to agree, but when it comes to performance the PG 2 is a really fun shoe to play because it enhanced nearly every feature found on the PG 1.

Cushion and traction will be the most noticeable upgrades while the forefoot fit may go unnoticed by those with normal shaped feet. However, wide footers may end up appreciating the change in that area.

Nike has hit a stride with releasing really solid performance models that come in well under $150. It’s something I really hope continues as it gets pretty expensive buying most of these shoes. Yes, I bought these and I’m 100% satisfied. (Eastbay is our sponsor but that doesn’t mean every pair is provided to us.)

With that being said, if you liked, or even loved, the PG 1 then I think you’re in for a treat with the Nike PG 2 On .