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Purchased as unregistered and not received any email!

New Ticket


12:59 am
May 1, 2014


Fresh Meat

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I purchased a beat, but unfortunately I forgot to log in.
After the checkout I tried to download my beat, but it refreshed the page and I wan’t able to download the license or the audio file.
I should have received an email, that includes my automatically created account, but I didn’t even get it. I tried to Reset my password for that account, it said, check your emails, but still not received any email. It happened yesterday. I couldn’t write down the order number, because I didn’t think the page would crash or something…
I sent an email to and to with my name and other infos, but there’s no reply yet.
What can I do? It looks like there’s no-one to talk with…
Thanks for your help :))
Achilles Taylor


6:40 pm
May 1, 2014



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which beat did you purchase?