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Purification Methods Of Silica Sand

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9:53 pm
October 18, 2021



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Silica sand is a common clay mineral in nature. Silica sand is a useful mineral for making white pigments. Whiteness is the main performance parameter affecting the value of silica sand. The silica sand grinding mill often contains harmful impurities such as iron, organic matter and dark substances.

These harmful impurities will make the silica sand show different colors and affect its whiteness. Therefore, impurities must be removed before using silica sand. The common purification methods of silica sand include gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation and chemical treatment.

Next, this paper will introduce the common purification methods of silica sand: Silica sand gravity separation gravity separation mainly uses the density difference between gangue minerals and silica sand to remove the high-density impurities of light organic matter, quartz, feldspar and iron, titanium and manganese, So as to reduce the influence of impurities on whiteness.