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Raymond mill replacement trend

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1:28 am
February 21, 2018


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Raymond mill with the continuous development of the industry, as China’s powder industry grinding the main equipment, high reliability, energy saving, precision, automation is the inevitable trend of its development.
Raymond mill in the powder industry will be mainly to high reliability, energy saving, precision, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control and other directions. Can adopt the SCR power supply, AC variable frequency speed control, grease lubrication, shock absorption and other measures, and condition monitoring and computer automatic control devices. Among them, the high reliability needs to be studied through the rationalization of mechanical principles to enhance the abrasion resistance of the grinding ring, the lower capping cover and the like, and to improve the lubrication of the bearings before the continuous working condition of the machine.
Which reliability is mainly through the rationalization of mechanical principles to enhance the wear ring, under the cap wear resistance, improve the machine in a continuous state before the lubrication of a bearing and so on. Automatic condition monitoring and automated control need to add intelligent intelligent electronic control system within the Raymond mill, automatic control of material access, grinding, and quantitative.
The operator only needs to control the button in the operation room. Improve the material grinding accuracy need to strengthen the accuracy of the analyzer.