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SBM sand making machine provides high quality raw materials for constructio

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9:10 pm
October 10, 2019



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Sand and gravel aggregate is an indispensable important material in the construction of various infrastructures. In recent years, the development of urbanization is in full swing, the demand for sand and gravel is increasing day by day, and the single river sand mining can no longer meet the needs of construction projects, and for a long time no Moderate mining, the river is overwhelmed, causing soil erosion, riverbed subsidence, the ecological environment is worsening, and China’s river sand resources are on the verge of exhaustion. The emergence of machine-made sand making machine has solved the problem of shortage of construction sand, greatly alleviated the pressure of natural sand resources scarcity, and reduced the investment cost. The technical standard for the mechanism sand used in various regions of China is that the mechanism sand is better used in construction. The solid backing of the project, the use of high-quality artificial mechanism sand for engineering construction, significant feasibility and economic benefits, is an ideal material to replace natural sand.
The natural river sand is slightly better than the solid performance of the mechanism sand, but the mechanical sand can still reach the superior product index (GB/T141684293 standard), and the high-quality mechanical sand can fully meet the requirements of the engineering construction standard. It is understood that many provinces in China have issued documents to encourage the promotion of mechanical sand to replace natural sand, which has greatly helped open the market demand for mechanical sand.
The development of the sand and gravel industry in the future is inseparable from the sand making equipment. The sand making machine equipment produced by SBM Heavy Industry is suitable for various hard and brittle materials such as limestone, basalt, river pebble, granite, quartz stone, iron ore and concrete aggregate. Broken, finely broken, specific to provide a reasonable production process according to user needs.