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Supermarket Ownership Part 3

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1:58 am
September 28, 2017


Fresh Meat

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In most display cooler mini freezer and equipment are included in the deal. Although these markets may be considered "poor performers" by a major chain, they can in most cases, be operated very successfully by an independent grocer. Having decided on a marketing area, and located markets for sale, the following suggestions should be kept in mind during the inspection process.

Access to Accurate, Verifiable Sales information is very important. Access to gross profit numbers is unimportant because every operator's philosophy and business display cooler mini freezer is different. Basing any decision on net profit figures provided by the seller is dangerous, unless the figures have been audited by a reputable accounting firm. There are people who would argue with this, but my personal experience in such negotiations establish this fact.

ALL equipment should be inspected by a professional, especially meat saws, grinders and cube machines, BBQ cookers and warmers, refrigerated cases, coolers, beverage display fridges in zimbabwe and air conditioning units. Be very suspicious of refrigerated areas which are shut down or "being worked on. "Rental and landlord agreements should be in writing and should not be less than 20 years, something like ten years with 2 options of five years each is reasonable.

Attorney involvement is a must when dealing with contracts. It is money well spent. Make sure there is a "non competitive" clause in the agreement whereby the seller agrees not to open a supermarket within an agreed distance from the present location. In an urban setting the modern method of storing fruit and vegetable should agree not to open a supermarket within 6 miles of your supermarket.