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The Components Of Vertical Roller Mill

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9:21 pm
July 22, 2020



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The advantage of this method is that, because the repair workload is dispersed and reduced to zero, it can be repaired by holidays or non-production time, which can increase the production time of vertical roller mill and improve the utilization rate of vertical roller mill.

The component repair method removes the components of vertical roller mill to be repaired, and replaces the same components prepared in advance, that is, replaces the components by simple “insertion” or “pull out”. The advantage of this method is It can save disassembly and assembly time. The disadvantage is that it requires a certain amount of spare parts and takes up a lot of money.

Synchronous repair method refers to several mill equipment that are closely related to each other in the process of production. It is arranged to repair at the same time to realize the synchronization of repairs to reduce the downtime caused by distributed repairs.