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4:15 am
June 29, 2017


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That was quick. Our friends at Fastpass have already chopped and screwed the KD 10, and to be honest, there isn’t much we didn’t already know.

Zoom bag is the same as the 9, and it is easily Hall of Fame cushioning. The Flyknit is what we found in the reviews from Nightwing and Stanley — stretchy, flexible, and form-fitting. However…

The problem with the KD 9 was the Zoom bag popping, and most of the pops happened because of the tendril connecting the forefoot bag to the main bag; it ripped and shredded on more than a few pairs (we even had a couple of our pairs pop). The KD 10 has thickened and widened the tendril, hopefully taking that problem out of the equation. We have enough problems with joints popping — we don’t need our shoes doing the same.

Compared to the KD 9 Elite above, this piece of the Air unit on the KD10 is 17% thicker.

So far, the general reviews and feelings on performance are a slight drop off from the 9, with traction not biting like it should and the Zoom bag feeling a little more muted. Since the bag is the same in size and shape, the difference has to be a PSI change within the bag or a density difference in the foam. However, if you check out the photos, the midsole/strobel board is cut out over the heel and forefoot. Hmmmm…

Just a quick shout again to for doing these. I know I couldn’t cut up a pair of shoes I just paid hard money for, and while we give extremely thorough performance reviews of how the shoe feels and plays, these guys — wow. They go the extra distance and completely take apart the shoe so you know what you are getting for your money.

Let us know if you picked up a pair of the KD10s and how you feel it compares to the 9. Better? Worse? Don’t know or care? Leave it all below.