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The types of U part wigs on west kiss hair

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10:51 pm
October 27, 2020


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Are U Part wigs good for your hair?
West Kiss Wig has the best U part wigs, all of our U part wigs are made by 100% human hair, can naturally draw together with buyers’ own hair perfectly. Although sometimes may need to curl or straighten your hair to match the texture of the U part wig, the physical process can’t hurt your hair. Don’t worry about it. Each human hair U part wigs for sale in our store has 6 clips to help you secure the wig after wearing it. It is very easy to install without glue and you also can remove it at any time you want. The wig cap of the U part is breathable and comfortable, it is good for your hair and scalp to breathe.
All U part wigs in Westkiss Wig Store are up to 25% off. Where can find such the best u part wigs at a low price? Only in West kiss Wig!

.What are U part wigs?
The human U part wig is different from other lace wigs, as it doesn’t have lace. It only has a U-shape open at the middle top of the wig. There are 3 different directions of U part wigs in the Westkiss Wig Store (left part, right part, and middle part), customers can please leave a message to tell us your preferences. So what is the function of the U-shape opening? Your own hair is exposed from it and then blend with the U part wig loose wave bundles. It looks realistic and natural after wearing it.
2.The types of U part wig
Now we have 5 different types of U part wig in our store, Body wave, curly, water wave, straight, yaki straight. And the next I will introduce them one by one.

1)Body Wave
Body wave normally is a regular style to most people, but the classic gift idea never fails. Look at the below picture, you can see the charm of mature. How to be a graceful woman? The first step is to start to own a U part human hair wig in body wave.
Curly hair has tighter and irregular curls than other textures which can make U part wigs looks more fluffy and soft. The fluffy hairstyle also is good to frame your face, wearing this curly U part wig with 32 inch hair can make you look more fashionable and outstanding in the crowd.

3)Water Wave
The shape of the water wave is like its name, the wave is like the water ripples. The curls of water wave are not as tight and small as curly and look like fuller and thicker, look at the below picture, the water wave human U part wig fits many face’s shapes better to provide you a new feeling of fashion and charming.

Some people are like straight, as they like to run their hands through it which is smooth, silky, and natural. Besides, it is also tangle-free and easy maintenance. If you are a beginner of wigs, the straight U part hair wig is a good choice for you.

5)Yaki Straight
Yaki Straight is suitable for black women, as this texture is similar to their own hair. After wearing the yaki straight U part wig, no need to process your exposed natural hair anymore which makes the installation more convenient and easier.