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9 Free PC Optimizer, Boost Gaming PC 300% Faster

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3:45 pm
December 27, 2020


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How to support your PC up to 300% Faster? At the point when your PC feels slow, the time has come to advance your Windows’ framework by tidying up the library of undesirable passages, defrag the whole record framework and eliminate repetitive documents. These utilities can improves your PC’s exhibition and startup time by fixing regular PC issues, opening up plate space, and giving library fix.

↓ 01 – Jitsumi’s Game Booster

They are a little group of designers in light of one objective. Stretching low spec PCs to the edge. We intend to improve gaming for both gamers without a monster of a PC and gamers simply hoping to help their PC’s presentation. We likewise offer administrations outside of gaming, for example, cleaning garbage documents. We have a colossal rundown of activities which will change the low spec gaming encounters inside and out. Go along with us on our travel and get your own supporter now!

Jitsumi Game Booster gives highlights which permit clients to clear any unused RAM/Memory from their PC. We additionally give clients the capacity to close any high RAM/Memory use projects, for example, Chrome and Spotify! This can Increase/Boost your PC execution by cutting your memory utilization nearly significantly or more. We likewise permit clients to suspend those projects to let loose CPU, be that as it may, suspending won’t free their memory. Our component which closes high RAM/CPU utilization program presently permits you to auto close projects, for example, chrome and Spotify. We are anticipating adding a component which permits you to add projects of your decision to the rundown.

02 – Razer Cortex

Spotlight just on the game, Razer Cortex brings upgraded gaming execution, framework execution, and the capacity to find the best gaming bargains on a solitary stage at simply a tick away. Razer Cortex doesn’t just lift your games, it supports your whole framework.

The new Razer Cortex: System Booster is a one-stop answer for better framework execution. By cleaning undesirable garbage documents, not a solitary kilobyte of hard circle space is squandered, leaving you more for work and play. With such enhancement, your PC isn’t simply prepared for gaming, it’s likewise ideal for every day use

↓ 03 – Game Fire Free

The Ultimate PC Games Booster! Enhances PC execution to accomplish the best gaming experience ever. Game Fire can altogether upgrade your gaming experience by boosting framework execution and dependability to kill any in-game slacks and improve games FPS (outlines every second). Game Fire improves your PC execution by killing superfluous framework highlights, applying different framework changes and zeroing in PC assets on the game you are playing. The final product would be an incredible gaming experience with a solitary mouse click.

In contrast to other game supporters, Game Fire can help games and applications execution continuously permitting them to completely use PC assets like CPU and memory and in a similar time it deprioritize superfluous and foundation measures. Game Fire additionally gives constant framework wellbeing and execution data like the CPU and GPU temperature, to assist you with streamlining PC gaming execution.

↓ 04 – Wise Game Booster

Savvy Game Booster is intended to upgrade your gaming experience. It can support your PC execution quickly by advancing framework settings, finishing superfluous projects and halting insignificant administrations with one single tick, making your framework assets center just around the game you are playing.

Insightful Game Booster doesn’t perform marvels, however will help extract all of execution from your framework and get games running all the more easily by finishing these superfluous projects and administrations it identified. At that point your PC will assign more framework assets to the game you are playing. It is basic yet exceptionally viable.

Settle And Speed Up Your System – System Optimizer in Wise Game Booster upgrades pertinent framework settings to improve framework security and framework running pace, getting your PC into game mode.

Add Games to Wise Game Booster – Wise Game Booster permits you to add your games into “My games”, so you don’t have to discover the games from swarmed work area symbols. Here you can deal with your games and check the game data.

End Useless Processes and Irrelevant Services – Wise Game Booster doesn’t perform supernatural occurrences, yet will help extract all of execution from your framework and get games running all the more easily by finishing these unessential projects and administrations it distinguished. At that point your PC will dispense more framework assets to the game you are playing. It is basic however extremely successful.

↓ 05 – JetBoost

Get the most extreme limit out of your PC and spotlight on gaming as it were. JetBoost delivers more framework assets by shutting superfluous foundation cycles and administrations, consequently tweaking your framework to its top execution. It checks the running framework measures/administrations and gatherings them into four significant classifications, and gives three modes to Boosting.

A single Click to Boost – Shuts down every superfluous cycle and administrations to meet your requirements with one single tick.

Great Gaming Experience – Get the most extreme limit out of your PC and spotlight on gaming as it were.

Zero in on Work – Remove interruptions from superfluous applications when you’re working. Every pointless cycle and administrations had been closed down.

↓ 06 – Smart Game Booster

The days when your moderate PC are not responsive in your gaming time are a distant memory, accelerate your PC and enhance your PC for a smoother and stable gaming experience, and reestablish the PC back to status before when you quit playing a game only a single tick.

Keen Game Booster is a light and quick instrument to impermanent shut down foundation measure and pointless Windows administrations, clean RAM and startup things. It proves to be useful on the off chance that you lean toward not to close down foundation cycles and windows benefits physically.

Keen Game Booster, as an instrument causes you to get continuous input on temperature of your CPU, GPU, motherboard and fan speed and your FPS data when you are in a game. One of our clients saying, “It’s odd my CPU temperature get to 80C° when I was playing F.E.A.R. 3, after I helped and advanced my PC once more, the temperature went to ordinary and FPS sitting at 70-90 when on low settings.


A moderate performing Internet association, high CPU utilization or not adequate System Memory can cause inertness issues, ping and FPS issues. The outcomes are slack, faltering, gleaming, separations or other execution issues while playing web based games or working with online applications. There are 2 potential approaches to settle this, get another Microsoft Windows PC or overclock your framework. Game Booster isn’t actually an overclock instrument however it opens your framework’s potential with an assortment of execution upgrading and streamlining apparatuses for those additional casings every second or to eliminate exhausting burden times. Regardless of whether you need a single tick arrangement or to keep command over everything, gaming grade execution is readily available.

These product will help the exhibition for Battlefield 1, CounterStrike CS:Go Global Offensive, Fallout, FIFA, Overwatch, The Withcer Wild Hunt, Dota, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Doom, Titanfall 2, Dishonored, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Dark Soulds III, Forza Horizon 3, Final Fantasy XV, No Man’s Sky, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Minecraft, Smite, Grand Theft Auto and some more. The most productive and demonstrated approach to improve execution of your PC is.


2:45 am
February 26, 2021



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Very informative, thanks! Internet issues, ping, and FPS issues ruin the gaming experience. PC optimizer helped me to improve my PC’s exhibition and fixed fps issues. Now I want to buy a new gaming headsets. My SteelSeries Siberia had deteriorated over the years.

2:06 pm
June 23, 2021



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Btw about PC gaming: guys, do you know any good boos services?

2:07 pm
June 23, 2021



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Lol, I thought people do not use boost services nowadaysSurprised

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June 23, 2021



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I can help you, but I need to know exactly which game account you would like to boost because there are a huge number of different boost services, so I could easily be mistaken. Personally, I often play World of Warcraft and use the services of wow boost
On their website, you can also find account boosting services for Destiny 2, Diablo III and many more!

4:54 am
November 23, 2021


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December 23, 2021



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Very cool games! I played everything and I really liked it!

3:05 am
December 23, 2021



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Hi! I have read your list and I want to say that only a couple of these games are really worth our attention. Basically, these are quite boring games. For me, cs go will always remain a favorite, because it’s really interesting to play, especially online with friends. Besides, now you can buy skins and the game will be much more interesting. I really wanted awp medusa and when I found one cool site with skins, I immediately bought it.

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January 13, 2022


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Hello! Came across your site and noticed a lot of reviews, found a lot of useful information, almost all my free time I spend on computer games, sometimes I eat… Found an interesting article if interesting come in.

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April 27, 2022


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