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AmaryLLis Vs Baby~Rec


8:40 pm
May 27, 2008


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Compton, California


Like seriously what the f**k, can’t you read why you in denial?/
Back in X days dropping wack was cool, now that’s just your style/
Your verse stays mild, you dropping s**t, seriously though/
and how do you come wit ur piss-poor material/
Ready for this whoring, im’a give it to you straight, your verse is boring/
Its just plain old sad when ya lines are more stretched then A. Mourning/
And you know your number one dream is just too able to touch me/
whats your hobbie, catchin an L or standin screaming suckie suckie/
you aint got no f**kin talent you’re a worthless piece of s**t/ riding my f**kin d**k/ you have perfect teeth this is a lame line/
So ill denture face – and break your f**king teeth at the same time/
Your rhymes are trash, and they’re old, straight up dirty and muddy /
We will take this one step at a time – until your f**kin face is bloody/ You bust for glory b*tch and to prove it, ill let you jerk a star
plus your the biggets dyke ive ever seen by Far/

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12:19 am
May 28, 2008


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


that structure is 100x worse than what i was makin man lol….u copy n pasted from ms word or wordpad right? lol

I don’t own Shadowville

12:23 am
May 28, 2008


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Posts: 802

Compton, California



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4:37 pm
May 28, 2008


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Little baby wants to rap, little baby needs a bottle
your whole style is watered down, like a can of full throttle

You defeating me kid is never going to happen
 I’ll dry ya so called style up like a bounty paper napkin

 I’m not in denial, just a little out of your league
messing with me, you’d get played like a sony psp

i read ya lil verse, it was worst than expected
I reckon…the little baby spat like he went second

You saying I don’t have talent, you must be kinda slow
when you got as much talent as a pre-k talent show

I’m really questioning ya verse, it seems to be prewritten
I bring the heat with these hands like i’m in the sun wearing mittens

make my face bloody…please not even close
my nagamaki sword would turn this kid into a ghost

I’m killing em, Steve Urkel style "Did I do That"
Please son, better take those lyrics back to wordpad

You need a revision
You not in my division
Chop  this kid down to size
like he had a circumcision


5:45 pm
May 28, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Compton, California


Ima fold this Joker/ Leave ya Face down like im playing poker/
Dawg ya be playin dead, till da paramedics come, to roll u back over/
Im quick to outwit this Poser, ya wack s**t is best, to steer clear/
I just f**king I buried you here/ Im starting to see dead people, cuz b*tch you wont survive me/
I wish u had a six sense tho. cuz none of ur bars seem to make any/
Com’on sonny, ill Jog over to ya house, and break u like a sweat/
How u be on top of flow, when ur hiding underneath ya water bed/
Beat me, I don’t think so! ya gona have to work hard to get that right/
But Its ok, ull hav time after this fight/
Cuz ima hav u workin da Graveyard shift…for the rest of ur life/
but kid a can be nice, I just bought a new Fridge and a Couch/
u can hav the box my fridge came in, n build an extension to ur house/
See I would try to call you a Bitch, but I don’t think One would come/
So ima Call you a pussy instead, becuz…… already are one/
Fuckit im done, I already squashed this clown, for fun/

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7:45 pm
May 28, 2008


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Yada yada blah blah, wtf was that
your s**t is beyond horrible, f**k being wack

seriously, are you rhyming or typing a 5th grade paper
I’ll push ya wig back and turn your head into a taper

I fade with the flow, lyrics bombing like planes
boys jumping like springs
but I death drop em like Sting

My style is electrifying
there’s nothing you can do to stop it
you getting shocked
like sticking a paperclip inside a socket

I’m not feeling ya flow son
You’re like a lake than a river
They wanna know who gon win
But the arrow’s on me like a quiver

Cause see I love the taste of victory
and you aint nothing but a piece of meat
that I’m about to eat
after I smoke you like Hickory

 and I do have a 6th sense, I can foresee your defeat
and that pathetic look on your face when you’re kneeling at my feet

Atleast I’m one God that you know for sure exist
I amaze you, I got your head spinning like the Exorcist

So who’s the clown now, cause the joke’s on you
the first round was  -won-, I guess this one makes it two


8:14 pm
May 28, 2008


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structure - 3

vocab - 3

punches - 2

personals - 2

multies - 2

total: 13 


structure - 1.5

vocab - 3 

punches - 4.5

personals - 3

multies - 3

total: 15


Keep it up baby~rec

Ihustle a lil’ more den u

8:15 pm
May 28, 2008



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10:16 pm
May 28, 2008


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Nvm, previous post.  More votes please.

4:31 pm
June 1, 2008


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Compton, California


more votes plz


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