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ArsenousOxide VS. Lyrical Assassin


9:51 pm
January 28, 2008



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I aint Strife Divine & I aint Zinn, but I’ll rip out ya soul from deep within

I’m a tortureous Emcee, so i aint afraid to sin

I’m the Lyrical Assassin, when my paper meets the pen

My wordz are weaponz, im bringin’ the ammunition

I gotz the gunz AR-15z and them Mac 11s

Empty clipz and send them wanna-be thugz into heaven

I called you out, now your in my site

You best get down, cuz itz you, I despite

You better say "hello" to your burial site

I’m furious on this mic, I’ll kill you with delight

You best realize, f**kin’ wit me bwoi, ya future aint so bright

The blinds have been closed, ya eyez have been sewed

Not accepting the call out, cause its me, you elude

I aint Justin Timberlake so dont cry me a river

My flows is so cold, your bonez will start to shiver

And excruciating pain is what i deliever!


10:06 pm
January 28, 2008


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Good s**t right there

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)

12:01 am
January 29, 2008

Ja-Taa the Misfit

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just some free advice… ya really gotta stop talking all about how badass you are, and start ripping into ur opponent more. That’s why it’s called a battle… otherwise it’s just lyrical masturbation. Also, "sewed" does not rhyme with "elude", "despite" should be "despise", and you probably meant to say "in my sights" instead of "in my site". And one more thing I’d like to mention… it’s probably not a wise idea to talk s**t about "wanna-be thugz" when I’m pretty damn sure that you ain’t walkin around bustin off AR-15’s and Mac 11’s in real life… my point being that blatant hypocracy ain’t the way to win a battle. See what I’m sayin? I could go on and on with this, but I don’t wanna come off as a complete a**hole who enjoys trashing people for the fun of it… this is just my honest criticism, honestly. Keep workin at it though man, you’ll improve with time.



Electric arcs streak to restart ur deceased heart beat / That’s when I pull back the starched sheet so I can feast on the dark meat

12:47 am
January 29, 2008

Ja-Taa the Misfit

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Lyrical Assassin:

it just came to my attention that you are also using the name Deviant, or you’ve recently switched it to Deviant. Either way, you cannot be in 2 battles at once… and I see ur also in a battle with Casino under ur other name.  Now since you haven’t posted a verse up in either of these battles, ur safe for now. But you gotta pick 1 to battle in, cuz if you post verses in both I’m gonna hafta disqualify you from the one you did not post in… ya readin me here chief?  Cool. 

Have a good battle… whichever one you decide on.


Electric arcs streak to restart ur deceased heart beat / That’s when I pull back the starched sheet so I can feast on the dark meat

12:48 am
January 29, 2008



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Yea I had a f**k up lol. But dont we all. And yes I actually do got an AR-15, I got it from my brother. He’s in the military so he can purchase guns in peices and put’em back together in the states.

1:36 am
January 29, 2008



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Yo smooth s**t yo

Most High!!!!!

4:10 pm
January 29, 2008



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Lyrical Assassin, isn’t posting and its been 48 hours.

4:11 pm
January 29, 2008


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


i think he has till today till 9pm as to ur first post i duno lol either way he better drop something soon……

I don’t own Shadowville

4:26 pm
January 29, 2008


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ArsenousOxide said:

Lyrical Assassin, isn’t posting and its been 48 hours.

u posted on the 28th at 9:51… its 48 hrs after u post. he has till jan 30th 9:51. it hasnt even been 24 hrs.

6:32 pm
January 29, 2008



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haha i wrote this s**t all day in school. so without further ado, my six hours worth of dedication is here. scope it:

 I’m spittin flames like i gotta furnace sittin in my mouth, so no doubt i’mma scorch this b*tch/

You rhymed  mac eleven wit heaven… you call that tortureous?/

The mods should be more than pissed at you for postin nursery rhymes and raps like that on shadowville/

I thought arsenous would be a challenge while i was waitin but if that verse is any indication then it’s blatant this cat completely lacks battle skill/

This fag’s lyrics are the opposite of marvelous and all this s**t talk is gone end when i shove a knife down arsenous’ esophagus/

Leave you chokin on a switch blade, you b*tch made, now it’s too late, it’s time to face yo apocalypse/

You shoulda kept outta this, and went yo separate ways, i came here specifically to end yo days, cause one punchline will send you straight to the orthodonist b*tch/

On the honest tip, if i see you in vegas imma stomp you b*tch/

Or roll down my window and just bust slugs at yo gut, endin yo life span/

This loser would never know what its like to bust a nut if it wasnt for his right hand/

For you, my rhymin skills is outta sight man/

You aint gone ever be signin deals but you might make it as a hype-man…/

Your unsigned without a buzz, your fame will NEVER blossom/ 

You need to blame that to the liar who told you them lines were awesome/

You need to QUIT, or at least start practicin on writin more often/

Put the nails down, this nobody don’t even deserve a coffin/