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ArsenousOxide VS. Lyrical Assassin


6:46 pm
January 29, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

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Digital Velocity


you have some good lyrics Dev. But some of you’re bars are more like paragraphs. You’re gonna lose a lot of points in structure for that. Just something to think about for you’re next verse.

7:12 pm
January 29, 2008

king cobra

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Yeah….lines are longgg

7:32 pm
January 29, 2008



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This guy wrote his s**t in school, like he couldn’t do it on his own time/

Cuz he f**kin’ men in a back-seat, for some somebody elses rhyme/

This guys the f****t, kinda like "Broke Back Moutain", but since he did it for music, he invented the "Broke Back Rhyme"/

You juz a pussy ass b*tch, who changed his name/

Who done forgot his f**kin’ lyrical game/

This "Lyrical Ass-crack-licker" aint nothin’ but a stain/

That I can get out wit bleach, or more likely peroxide/

Look f****t ass b*tch, you dont wanna f**k wit ArsenousOxide/ 

You aint nothin’ to worry about, I f**kin’ got this battle/

This gon’ be ya saddest battle, cuz I’m bringin’ the dopest lyricz straight from Seattle/

I’m reppin’ the 3-6-0 to the 7-1-5, from the WA to the WI/

Quit talkin’ like you gon’ use a knife, but dont think I wont, look at the state im from/

I’ll cut’cha throat and you wont have the slightest chance to run/

Ed Gein, Jeffery Dauhmer, they could kill-a-muhf**ka without using a gun/

I’ma leave you with a weak ass last line/

You juz another hating b*tch in the way of my lyrical grind/



7:38 pm
January 29, 2008



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i’ll have my second verse in a lil over 24 hours.

cause i plan on writin the second one in school as well. lol

7:41 pm
January 29, 2008



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Juz write it now, if your such a f**kin’ dope rapper. Mines all freestyle!

9:39 pm
January 29, 2008



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shut the fuCk up wit all that "freestyle" s**t.

if your really puttin down every thing as it comes to you, instead of takin the time to put the s**t together, then your more idiotic than i fuCkin thought.

9:48 pm
January 29, 2008



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You act like your all that in a battle, i’d like to see you write some s**t down 1′on’1 in front of an audience, so your the f**kin’ joke..Now wheres your verse!?

11:21 pm
January 29, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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Wow so far its a Tie for my vote,But Deviant has 1 more verse and with that he will probably win.

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)

11:39 pm
January 29, 2008



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Im f**ked, he gon’ win lol. But ima spit some audio, then its aduious. Least I think thats how you spell that word.

7:46 pm
January 30, 2008



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Say hello to my deuce verse… and YES, i wrote it in school. haha.


Imma let the second verse make quick work of this lyrical idiot/

Yo loss was immediate as soon as you called out the Deviant/

How can i be leniant, when hes beggin to get his wig rocked/

Fuck a tie, dog i got this battle ziplocked/

You a perfect example of a mind that aint designed for hip-hop/

All you ever gone be is a rappin wisconsin phony/

Yo ear drums’ll explode by the time you reach the tenth level below me/

Listen homie, them whack ass lines will never own me/

It must be lonely, a no talent rapper walkin a slippery slope/

You can lace yo pen heroin…and i still doubt yo writtens would be dope/

You shoulda known you couldnt cope, yet you still had high hopes that you could fathom/

Sayin that i forgot my lyrical game…this comin from a rapper who never even had one/

Its sad son, s**t…do i even NEED to proceed wit the last three bars/

When all im battlin is a wannabe who grew watchin rap videos, and now he thinks he’s hard?/

Fuckin retard, thinkin you sick, boos from a crowd is all you ever gonna get/

Even IF you freestlyin…that’s the best you can come up wit?/