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Asylum/Mista Spadez vs Wtanes


4:41 pm
April 17, 2008


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Wtanes posted in the wrong section.Here is his first verse.

You want me to stop the bad talking,

like I aint got lips

think ive forgotten

 the right words, & got the wrong scripts

but ill let those thoughts slip,

 and ill let the cards flip

& forgive a b*tch

for even talking that s**t

bet ur mouth is dropin

like you just saw a b*tch thats topless

but thats not the goal that your trying to acomplish

you want that d**k not a chick

and once you get what you need there aint stopping for s**t

 i did what I came to do and thats came to spit

did you think I couldnt rap did you think I was thoughtless

im done mess with you, didnt I tell you i got this

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)


4:43 pm
April 17, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 560


and heres mine.Yo Wtanes your up next.

Gay jokes and bad disses f**k this rookie kid
You finally have a flow,You want a cookie kid?
Bill Cosby has a bigger chance suceeding in rap
You couldnt write a full line without a panic attack

See i make your heart weak so get an EKG
Pretending to be a rapper is your RPG
Its all Roleplaying man so homie stop playing
Stop tryin to be like us thats all that im saying

You cant even rhyme all you got is fakeness
Acting hard when you a stepping stone to greatest
Wtanes is worried cause he’s a little bit late
You dont get a period you had a surgery mate

I talk s**t homie cause im way better then you
Actin down with Spadez like you was part of my crew
Hey Yung Tech,Please homie teach this dude to flow
Train him in rhymes and rhythm so i can call him a foe

Ya i know it kinda sucks but havent been in a battle for a while so shut the f**k up.

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)

6:59 pm
April 17, 2008


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Now you rapping bout cookies, who you now little debbie

whats next cakes, & bdays, gonna throw me some confetti

your flow so fruity you should change your name up to trixx

your like the silly rabbit but you chase boys for the d**k

you aint nothing spadez, but another card in the deck

couldnt take me on your own so you brought up yung tech

calling me mate, who you now the crocidile hunter

if im right im the sting ray that took you 6 feet under

your s**t doesnt just suck, that s**t f**king blows

for even making that rap you should be slapped like a hoe

like the hungry hungry hippos, u like to chomp on them balls

taking d**k to your mouth is cool, like your taking down halls

Stop rapping b*tch, just go home like e.t.

no glowing finger, but a middle one to show u cant beat me

with raps like yours you "should" be locked up in an asylum

made you crash and burn ,i got you driving like an asian.



7:59 pm
April 17, 2008



Posts: 77


Well wtanes, your 2nd verse was waaaaaay better than your first thats for sure, you definetly redeemed yourself, and might have a chance, the first verse was teh suckz0rs, no offence.


You can-suck-a-fuckin-stick-a-dynamite, and-struck-the-fuckin-wick-a-light. It’ll hit you harder then-I-motherfuckin-hit-my-wife.

8:14 pm
April 17, 2008


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its all good.


5:33 pm
April 20, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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They call me Zoloft..Cause I’m the cure for this depression g
Tanes can diss me but I know that he’s obsessed with me
Founder of Spadez-Town,Man He’s the only Resident
Released some tracks and He abuses it like Medicine

I check my messages,All i hear is your voice
Tryin to flow on stolen lyrics and try to get my rejoice
Dude..Rapping’s easy like booking flights on priceline
You prep b*tch,Go chill with your dad on back nines

You cant rap man leave to the professionals
You suck d**k man leave it to the confessionals
I watch TV and see the Gay Rights Movements
I see Tanes on his knees tryin to make "Improvements"

Write down your life storys all you get is laughter
Your battle with Spadez man its the last chapter
Went to your prom couldnt find you there after
I looked up and saw Tanes hanging from rafters

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)

12:23 am
April 21, 2008


Posts: 5958

Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


both of u at the end of ur verses kinda..died out lol…


structure: 3

multies: 1

vocab: 2

punches: 3

personals: 3

total: 12



structure: 4

multies: 1

vocab: 2.5

punches: 3

personals: 3

total: 13.5


spadez last one helped him get the win…i know he can do better but i guess since he hasnt battled in a long while it turned out this way..

anywho..he got my vote…

spadez - 1  wtanes - 0


voters do yer shiz…seriously…battles stay open to long lol

I don’t own Shadowville

6:24 pm
April 21, 2008


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Posts: 560


keep votin yall

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)

8:11 pm
April 21, 2008


Fresh Meat

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asylum shut duh hell up 

homie tryen to act all smart u

aint from duh streets homie

and his name is WTANES dumb ass

not tanes pinche pendejo babosa

by the way tickets on price line aint cheap


young $parky

8:31 pm
April 21, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 560


if you call that rapping then Lil Flash has you beat hands down.

see twixx is a trick cause all he plays is games
your so stupid man you cant even spell your name
s**t call me twixx cause my lyrics are so sweet
call you a diabetic cause you stumble to this treat

see i dont even need to try and im still better then u lol

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)