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AsylumSpadez vs Yung Stack or whatever the f–k he goes by


6:57 pm
June 6, 2008


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Facing Spadez,Your more f**ked up then David Berkowitz Fill You with holes like Swiss Cheese,There's no avertin this No Fears,No Thoughts,No mother f**king Emotions I killed Staks,no commotion,Threw His ass in the ocean Shatter Staks like a rock going through some glass When He's not rapping,I bet this dude's kissing some ass No trace of him It's like this b*tch has made of snow Call you Frosty little hoe,You aint hard or made of blow Like the Iceman,I'll kick You in the mid section Kill your kids,Im gonna stop all your C sections Im your god but You can call me Messiah Cross me b*tch the conseqences will be dier Born in the pits of hell,Nothing else just be said Like a knife,I come back again til Staks is dead He's workin with the cops,He trys to f**k us all We need to stop the lies,FREE MUMIA ABU JAMAL!!!

Spadez - Friend,Battler,Serial Rapist :)


7:13 pm
June 7, 2008


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


ok so as the judge of this tournament, i declare this post a blah, meaning was a mispost….make sure STACKS you post in the OTHER one…same title….

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