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baby~rec vs. Young $tack$


6:24 pm
May 13, 2008


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Compton, California


this b*tch can’t add its 16 not 10 lines /
his s**t is just sad like a chick flick,he deserves a 500 dolla fine/
For ryhimin like mr.rodgers/                                                           and missing every pitch like the l.a dodgers/
i be hittin him with punches from all angles,dropin bombs like kobe and the lakers/
he’s the one who will be a cold case,cause its time for this faker to meet his maker/
this verse will be the ice breaker , time to open this s**t up and crack this "nutt"/
my mind is twisted and ill full of ryhmes that could kill, my words warp you like a slut/
this s**t about to get dirty like penthouse and smut,not fit to read keep ya eyes shut/
gay guy of the month "$tack$to take the joystick up the ass/
fagboy centerfold tied up and gagged listen to what your told just like in math class/ Yo i See Heads Shrink Like Dicks in The Pool…/
you Doin Numbers….haha…Naw This Kid is a Fool/ The Only Time Yor On Top Is While You Fucking Ya Fat Chick/
He’s A Real Life Action Man, So All His Guns They Be Plastic/ I aint got cruise control, but ill eaily coast/
Why? Cuz Only time your bars move Is when a forum has new posts/

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8:48 am
May 15, 2008

Yung $tak$


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okay, now heres another wannabe rapper talking dat s**t

but he aint doing nothing wit his life he just running his lip

ya see b*tch im da realst s**t and i gon empty da clip

cuz im da kind of guy who will kill ya and fill ya wit hollow tips

yea b*tch ya know im down for life and i keep flippin my chips

man ur raps is just for play play i spit #1 hits

yea i b keeping it pimp got dat money to buy dem kicks

u just a wack ass fool who prob hangin wit hicks

now the only thing dat b plastic is da d**k in ya ass

cuz unlike u dawg im straight im dat kid wit da cash

now so take ya wack ass home andt try to write some raps

cuz the s**t u posted was muthaf**king wack

damn dag my d**k spits harder hirts dan dat

ya see theres a clear difference between u and me just look at my status

i have ya running faster than a flash gone like an apparatus.


yo the king has spoken

Im da best and hatas wanna be me

9:29 am
May 15, 2008

lil nay nay

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young stacks won dat s**t baby u cant rap for s**t

ride till i die 313 bitchessssssssssssssssssssss

9:37 am
May 15, 2008


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


clearly stacks sucks massive ass, but babyrec needs to fix his structure…stacks had minimal punchlines and personals, all it was talking bout in that was him claiming to have money and that hes got guns…..nothing new, nothing creative, nothing interesting, hes just another "rapper"


as for babyrec, yours was alright, some good lines, some i dont know why they’re there lines lol…but yea as of this point you got my vote….fix your structure too…it helps

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10:09 am
May 15, 2008


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babyrec you killed that s**t!!

12:38 pm
May 15, 2008



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Baby I think you need to just cut the fat off your lines, like eliminate words you dont absolutely need and it will read better for people. Otherwise I liked it, and I felt your animosity toward the wack.

Yung, as always you make me laugh with how wack you are. I am amazed at how you can still think you are good at writing after all these people dissing you. However, this one at least made sense, so it seems (i know this sounds hard to believe) that youre getting a little better.

I think baby won that first round b/c he used more variety, more vocabulary, and waaaay more multis.

8:41 am
May 16, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


well lets see what round two can bring baby post dat

Im da best and hatas wanna be me

8:47 am
May 16, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


yo thanx lil nay for da comment

Im da best and hatas wanna be me

6:44 pm
May 19, 2008



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babyrec timed out

8:43 am
May 20, 2008

Yung $tak$


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what does that mean he finally told everyone he’s gay what a queer

Im da best and hatas wanna be me