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12:06 pm
July 3, 2008

broken headphones biatch

Fresh Meat

Posts: 3


see im tired of niggaz sayin that they bossin
have ya blood leekin coughin
stuck inside a coffin
catch me winnin everythang like im bostin
say that ya the best explain why ya take tha loss then
how ya claim gangsta reppin wichita
see tha shotty up close get it at cha jaw
always catch me leavin mic’s smokin
this b*tch aint s**t he aint token
reason why i be joken
pull up take his chick i do more then juss poken
this dude saw a snoop vid and decided ta start coastin
killin him with venom and really its all at ease
deal wit him drillin him like H.I.V. and easy e
who feelin him comp. please aint nuthin ta me
get ya game up MAN before ya step ta a G


12:43 pm
July 3, 2008



Posts: 16


This biatch’s headphones are broken,
so this nigga ain’t hearing me,

He’s stuck in his coffin,
cause this nigga is fearing me,

You wanna talk about where im reppin G,
its 316 till the death of me,

Yeeaaa i know kansas is flat,
that means bullets go for miles,

and ya head will get splat,
because im good with the mac,

Im intellecually more inclined then you,
no matter what you do,

nigga you stilla fool,
so imma end it like this,

Yes broken headphones is still a BIATCH,
so sit here and watch me while i get rich!!

second one will be up soon

3:49 pm
July 3, 2008



Posts: 16


look here son this is when it gets heavy,
broken headphones are you ready ??

for this lyrical homicide,
your nothin but a pesticide,

who does nothing but runs and hides,
with his tail between his legs,

come back pussy cat,
im not done with you yet,

my endevers are clever,
there is none better,

you can try and see me,
and get at me never,

this is how it is son,
ill eat you up, spit you out,

verbally im never in doubt,
this is what im talkin bout!!!!