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Da Franchi$e vs. the sylance


2:47 pm
March 4, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


what a fool to battle me

Im da best and hatas wanna be me


3:06 pm
March 4, 2008

The Sylance


Posts: 52


why, ur absoloubly s**t

4:59 pm
March 4, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


yo his name is da sylance well im gon make him silent

acting like a thug but i know the pu*sy aint violent

try n test me dawg its a mutha fu**ing joke

u like em in 8 mile all u do is choke

i got more flow than ya know cuz im a muthafu**ing pro

try to battle me and ill treat u like my hoe

i gon smack u back to the place u came from

and i gon take ur money cuz u so damn dumb

im da sh*t and ya know dats true

im on da top nonstop and i just do what i do

u at the bottom man u like gum on my shoes

i kill ya whole damn family just so u can be on da news

u gon lose boy u should have never agreed

to beat me u gotta be the fu**ing king of da streets

man u like treez just dirt in da breeze

fa**ot pleeze dont try n test me

wait a minute that aint even worth my time i aint even gotta ryme cuz i know i shine  

i get mine and give u none so dont temp me fool

im 16 serveing fools giving lessons like we in school

Im da best and hatas wanna be me

5:04 pm
March 4, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 565

Kissimmee, FL



12:05 pm
March 5, 2008

The Sylance


Posts: 52


do i really have to battle this s**t? aight i will teach u a lesson, gimme some time tho, im a bit busy rite now

12:37 pm
March 5, 2008

The Sylance


Posts: 52




come on man you really need to step yo game up,

top of the top, man thats the way i came ‘up’,

damn, i’ll leave ya stop n starin, no mo z-sharin,

this dudes so lame he blocks out his swearin!!!

homie this is easy, man u cant cease me,

it aint bad for me to be compared to treezy,

ima beat u, that makes me king of the streets,

slingin the heat, muthaf**ker we the elite,

joe money, da franchise quit changin yo name,

daym, dont this cat remind you of spadez??

ur s**tty rhymes were just fuel, to duel,

teachin me a lesson huh? muthaf**ker, this is old ’school’,

got ma gun, shoutin run muthaf**ker run,

this s**t is done, u even seen 8 mile? em won,

i got so much s**t to diss u i could write an essay

how many people u gon battle befo u win anyway??




10:27 am
March 6, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


step my game up why dont u take ur own advice

cuz my game is up higher than my price

yea em won at the end when he manned the f up

but u aint gon da that when u cant get ur game up

u dumb sl*t i block my swears cuz u got virgin ears

and u still beating it cuz u in ur virgin years

i battle one and im done cuz i won come get some

talking smack wit no backin it up thats a true rookie u are son

talking bout ur gun but u aint got one u prob got a pic on one on ur wall

u say u gangsta but u not be thuggin at all

you cant stop my rise to da top wit all i got

u get in my way the last thing u hear is ur body drop

i stay steady wit it and i stick wit it

u try and get u gon wish u didnt

cuz i got da grown paper u gto those baby stacks

i keep i big pimpin peeps got my back

who got urs dawg u all alone sitting at home

trying to battle rap while u on the phone

this aint bout where u from or where u be it’s bout being free

so step up ya nex 16 and try n folllow me

Im da best and hatas wanna be me

12:29 pm
March 6, 2008

The Sylance


Posts: 52



skill, i got plenty, 16 bars, muthaf**ker that was 20,

theres a puncture in ya structure, thats gon leave yo votes empty,

i heard ya name crystal, dawg u a muthaf**kin girl?

muthaf**ker ima daimond b*tch your a pearl,

i dun flipped yo world, i stay strapped, keep a gat,

right close to ma lap, if ya wanna act….i got tha mac.

i quote: aint bout where you from or where you be, its bout bein free,

thats how i felt when you dropped that s**tty verse to me,

called me a ‘virgin’ muthaf**ka, yeah thats whats good,

business man like richard branson but stay true to the hood,

i take an airliner, muthaf**ker just to eat in china,

and i get free…hmm.. how would YOU say it? v*gina

holla, your game above your price? u aint wortha dolla,

aint worth a pop of the collar, im more lyrical than a language scholar,

b*tch, i write i pencil but i spit gold, but behold,

no way am i gon lose to a muthaf**kin 12 year old!!!

2:10 pm
March 6, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


you dont wanna lose to a 12 year old well i see

dont battle urself then now battle me

u say u stay true to the hood and thesh*ts all good

i aint asking bout that getur mouth off treezie’s wood

quit suckin di*k to get lit when u suck u choke to get a vote

i already served this pu**y fool look at the lines that i wrote

ha u say u spit gold man the fires uspit r cold

no u behold the kings back listen to the story i told

ive wasted too much time on this rookie i gon put his game down

i could write two bars and have dead upon the ground

bit*h to fresh to be messed wit im too cool to get schooled

cuz im the teacher of how to rap why u be acting a fool

man u afake luda wannabe u wannabe on the top like me

bit*h please i make rappers who they are like a disease

i do it cuz i can like im jackie chan wit a hundred grand in my hand

ya see i show people who these real rappers be

u must have a death wish cuz u came to battle me

ya see u horrible its the truth i showed u who u really are

it’s my last verse i killed this fool and left a permanant scar

Im da best and hatas wanna be me

2:15 pm
March 6, 2008

Yung $tak$


Posts: 170


yo i forgot only two verses so forget my second one im taking that one out im using the third

Im da best and hatas wanna be me