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Ghostly warriors drop a lot of runes

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11:31 pm
November 26, 2020


Fresh Meat

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Armoured zombies are always a good chose, too. Just have to have completed Defenders of Varrock. Proceed through the trap door in the chaos temple in the wild. Since they’re undead, it is a fantastic idea to OSRS gold bring a salve ammy (e) to find a 20% attack and strength incentive. Fantastic spot for bones to peaches, too, since they fall bones and they are a lot of bone respawns only at the temple. Additionally, it is likely to utilize prayer here, and also their drops often repay the potions easily.

If you’re into summoning, waterfiends could be good to test. About 80% of the time they will drop a crimson charm, and also their falls are not that bad either. They’re just down the whirlpool you obtain access to while doing barbarian training. Be use to utilize crush attacks on them, they are very resistant to any thing else. Bunyips are GREAT here, their particular lets you eat raw fish to cure (they fall a lot of them), and if you dont have to heal, you may use the raw fish for it to turn them into water runes (they also fall a lot of water runes).

Ghostly warriors drop a lot of runes, and Buy RS gold therefore are pretty good exp, also. All you will need is jenica’s ring after finishing the summer end, and utilize the portal near the axe hut. It would be a great idea to bring a fort bracelet with you, if a rev tries to teleblock you and you can’t get in the portal. They respawn extremely fast. If you’re in a planet with about 1600+ people, even only 2 minute will keep you attacking none stop. They drop only a couple of runes and stone, so not just the best, but the exp is definitely something to consider.