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ilpsfm vs. yung tech (unofficial)


8:38 pm
April 28, 2008


Fresh Meat

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just cause I’m a white girl you assume I’m lyrically inept
but after you read my s**t, you’ll learn to respect

just cause I’m not dressed head to toe in gucci
doesn’t mean and I can’t spit just like a gangsta, you’ll see.

my rap s**t is tight and yours is weak,
you’ll learn real quickly how to take defeat

when you battle against me it’s like you’ve already raised the white flag
after my first line you know you’ve already been had.

your s**t you spit is like the dirt beneath my shoes,
you’re at a loss of words because you know you’re gonna lose.

I not about to rap about your personal s**t
I’mma be like Lil Wayne and "hit it like I can’t miss"

I’ll just spit the truth and tell you that you’re not the rap scene like you think,
your s**ts so lame you’re gonna drive me to drink

yeah you can rhyme you’ve got that down pat,
so maybe you can look into doctor suess and write another cat in the hat.

you talk about your s**t like its the new cure to cancer
you’re from south glens falls you aint no original gangster

"yo yo check mah s**t, I got stabbed in the arm!"
come on cuh, we’re in upstate new york, everyone here lives on a farm!

you’re not a real gangsta but I’ll admit that you try,
better start preparin’ for yourself to kiss this rap scene goodbye.

sorry to be the one to break it to you, Mark,
but this battle was over, right from the start.