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Inconvenience free File Server Access and Search for Macs

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3:52 pm
December 27, 2020


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Acronis Files Connect (previously ExtremeZ-IP) has been the pioneer in tackling Mac/Windows joining issues for more than 15 years. It tends to record debasements, slow hunts, and incongruencies in getting to Windows document and print workers and NAS gadgets.

Acronis Files Connect 10.7 incorporates various new highlights and upgrades planned to make ordinary work processes of both Mac clients and Mac heads simpler and more profitable, for example, another Mac customer application and improved hunt abilities.


Rearranged document share area

Another Mac customer application goes about as a convenient brought together interface to rapidly find and access all record offers and DFS assets accessible on your organization through both AFP and SMB.

The shiny new application empowers clients to sidestep the cycle of separately working with record workers and mounting document shares, giving one straightforward window into every accessible asset.

Quick, incredible hunt abilities

Utilize another Mac menu bar apparatus or the Mac customer application interface to perform almost moment filename and full-content Spotlight look.

Searches can target one, many, or all accessible record shares for big business wide inquiry.

Progressed search question boundaries are accessible, including Windows and Mac document labels.

View and add accessible printers

Peruse a rundown of all organization printers facilitated by Acronis Files Connect.

Rapidly add printers to your Mac.

Spotlight look for SMB record shares

Shut down horrendously moderate, filename just hunt of SMB document shares. Acronis Files Connect presently bolsters search ordering of SMB document shares, giving quick full-content hunt to Mac clients interfacing with shares through SMB.

With the new Mac customer, each document share volume added to an Acronis Files Connect worker can be arranged twoly: as an AFP record share with Network Spotlight search, or in a mode, when Macs find records and organizers utilizing the pursuit capacities of the customer and afterward interface with the document worker or NAS by utilizing SMB.


Ongoing pursuit list refreshes. Give cutting-edge list items when utilizing Acronis Content Indexing with nearby and Network Reshare volumes. Acronis Files Connect constantly screens for changes in document shares, in any event, when ordering far off substance on other record workers or NAS, empowering close to ongoing indexed lists, in any event, when utilizing our Network Reshare include.

Record content ordering limits. Control the size of your inquiry lists with new Acronis Content Indexing, which gives the capacity to restrict record content ordering. Acronis Files Connect can be arranged to just list the initial not many MB of each document on your worker, decreasing inquiry record size significantly when numerous huge records are included.

Document ordering rejection rules. Further control your inquiry records by barring a subset of organizers or document types from Acronis Content Indexing. Record avoidances can be arranged on a for each document share premise, permitting content that isn’t fundamental for ordering to be overlooked.

Canny treatment of documented records. Acronis Content Indexing will distinguish and discard record framework chronicling ’stub’ documents from search ordering. This permits almost moment Spotlight search to be empowered for a document share, regardless of whether it is being overseen by a various leveled stockpiling the board (HSM)/record framework filing arrangement.

Coordinated Windows Search controls. View the ordering status and issue a reindex order for a document share you’ve chosen to file with Windows Search administrations, straightforwardly from the Acronis Files Connect administrator support. Record shares designed in Acronis Files Connect to utilize Windows Search will currently be consequently arranged for ordering, on the off chance that they are not previously being filed. You’ll presently don’t have to deal with this independently.

Windows and Mac record labels search. Perform looks for records that have standard Windows or Mac document labels added to them. Acronis Files Connect currently interprets Windows labels so they can be seen inside a document’s ‘Get Info’ subtleties on the Mac.